House Flipper To Rip Up Paint On PS4 And Xbox One Soon

The prevalence of house improvement shows on HGTV has led many people to want to enter the house flipping economy. A movement centered around buying abandoned or dilapidated properties, renovating them to be beautiful, and selling them for profit, a strange indie game based on the recent phenomenon came out a few years back. Aptly titled House Flipper, it let gamers try their hand at becoming “The Property Brothers” and fixing some of the worst homes imaginable.

Now, console gamers will be able to get in on the fun. Coming to PS4 on February 25 and Xbox One on February 26, House Flipper will bring its weird charms and trancelike atmosphere to gamepads around the nation. The trailer doesn’t answer if any of the DLC packs will be included, but you can see that this is definitely the same quirky, kind of sterile House Flipper from the PC.

If this console version does become successful (and why wouldn’t it?), there’s a chance the upcoming HGTV focused DLC pack for the PC version may get ported. It was only a matter of time that the game clearly inspired by the whitest channel on cable would get official branding from the network. Sadly, Jonathan and Drew aren’t anywhere to be found.

It’s always fascinating to see the type of indie games that become cult hits. Who would have thought that something as esoteric as House Flipper would find success? The game speaks to a very specific audience, but apparently that audience just didn’t have any other outlet to express themselves.

I will say, a game like House Flipper is a much safer way to tickle that HGTV fancy of yours. Many try to enter the house flipping market only to become wrought with financial problems. Renovating houses is a lot harder than a cable program makes it look. You also have to do clean up, which just plain sucks.

There’s no price for the PS4 or Xbox One versions, but the PC original currently sits at $19.99 on Steam. It’s reasonable to expect these new versions to go for the same unless of course some DLC is included.

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