How Long Does It Take To Beat Biomutant?

Biomutant is finally here, and it’s a beast of a game. With dozens of story-changing choices, side quests at every turn, and even a New Game+ mode, odds are good you’ll be playing Biomutant throughout the rest of 2021.

Despite all this content, the main quest itself is entirely manageable – dedicated fans might even be able to blast through it in a weekend. Here’s how long it takes to beat Biomutant.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Biomutant’s Main Quest?

If you’re looking to do the bare minimum – that is, only tackle Main Quests and ignore everything else – you’re looking at around 12 hours of playtime. This will vary based on how efficient you are with your fast traveling and how quickly you can dispatch enemies in combat, but the Main Quest is surprisingly short.

Of course, with side quests and points of interest scattered throughout Biomutant, there’s a good chance something will pull you off course. Most players should expect to spend at least 20 hours before the final credits roll if they’re checking out a few side quests in between the Main Quests.

How Long Will It Take To 100% Biomutant?

Completionists have a lot to sink their teeth into with Biomutant. Not only are there a variety of endings and achievements that require multiple playthroughs, but there’s also a full-fledged New Game+ mode that sees you replaying the game – although your character and inventory carry over from your original save file.

Then there are the dozens of side quests and collectibles hidden around every corner. After beating the game, doing a bit of exploration, and wrapping up a few side quests, I’d only seen 40% of what Biomutant had to offer. All told, expect a 100% file to take nearly 60 hours of gameplay.

How Does New Game+ Work?

While completionists will have to run through the Main Quest a second time to see everything Biomutant has to offer, the inclusion of a New Game + mode makes this a fairly painless process. You’ll still need to work your way through many of the same bosses and meet the same characters, but you get to skip the boring introduction phases that require any game-changing decisions.

Here’s what happens when you decide to enter New Game+ in Biomutant:

  • Keep all your current gear.
  • Keep character progression.
  • Skip the initial portion of the story and begin at the Tree of Life.
  • Ally with one of six Tribes.
  • Replay all other Quests and Events.

Even though that’ll cut down the time needed for subsequent playthroughs, there’s still loads of content waiting for you when launching New Game+ in Biomutant. If you’re looking to speed through and 100% the game as fast as possible, we’d recommend aiming for a Maximum Light Aura on your first playthrough, followed by Maximum Dark Aura the second time around.

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