How Long Does It Take To Beat Forspoken?

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Forspoken is an open-world RPG set in the fantastical world of Athia, a land ravaged by a magical plague known as the Break. Frey, the protagonist, can survive the Break, and her adventure takes her across this continent, hunting down sorceresses and getting gradually stronger as she goes.

As you'd expect from an open-world game, there is a ton of stuff to do – there are optional quests to complete, lots of points of interest to visit to look for lore, equipment, and stat boosts, and a whole 12 chapters of story to play through.

How Long Does It Take To Complete Forspoken?

According to, it will take the average player roughly 14 hours and 45 minutes to complete Forspoken. This would be a playthrough that is pretty light on exploration and focuses mainly on the storyline – cutting out the open-world exploration entirely would reduce the final playtime even further (to a little over 11 hours), but would also leave Frey without many of the abilities and items that would make the final battles easier.

A more diligent, patient player can expect to spend a few more hours on the game on average – someone who wants to see the sights and try their hand at the side quests available, including tracking down some of the juicier rewards out in the world, will find plenty of things to do. Specifically, this will take between roughly 22 and 29 hours, depending on just how thorough you want to be and how difficult you find the game.

How Long Does It Take To 100% Forspoken?

As mentioned previously, Forspoken has a huge amount of content, but perhaps not as much as some of the more massive, renowned open-world games out there. A full 100 percent completion of the game will take roughly 47 hours to finish, give or take a few hours depending on how efficient you are.

100 percent completion would involve the following:

  • Completing the story, including all of the side quests.
  • Completing the side quests that only unlock in Chapter 13, which is the postgame chapter.
  • Fully exploring every area in the game, which covers all five regions of Athia: Cipal, Praenost, Avoalet, Visoria, and Junoon. There are hundreds of points of interest to visit.
  • Unlocking and upgrading every spell in the game.

Doing this at a minimum is pretty much enough to get you every trophy/achievement in the game.

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