How Long Does It Take To Beat Stray?

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Stray is set in a beautifully dystopian cyberpunk post-apocalyptic world filled with robots and flesh-eating gribblies. Oh, and you play as a cat. You and your buddy B-12 are on a quest to escape this towering prison of slums, streets, and neon in a mostly relaxed adventure. Getting from point A to point B is not difficult, but ignoring all the Cs and Ds in between is almost impossible.

Stray is not a particularly long game, but its length can be extended by a fair amount depending on what you decide to do on your journey. There are plenty of side activities, collectables, and Trophies to keep you distracted from the beaten path, and if you choose to go down that rabbit hole, you could be here a while.

How Long Does It Take To Complete?

Stray is split into several Chapters, and these Chapters can take anywhere from 20-60 minutes to get through – less if you know what you’re doing. In general, the game is split into some hub areas, like The Slums, with smaller, more linear segments connecting them all to make a coherent world.

On a standard run through Stray, it should take most players around four to five hours to complete.

How Long Does It Take To 100 Percent?

To get 100 percent on Stray, you will need to gather all of B-12’s Memories, complete every side quest, find every Badge and earn every Trophy/Achievement. Some of these things are easier said than done, and others still just take a while to complete – such as sleeping for an hour in real-time.

In general, a completionist run of Stray will take most players around eight hours. You will likely need to run through parts of the game three times to do this, as one of Stray’s Trophies is locked behind a sub two-hour speedrun. A degree of mastery will be required to nab that one, that’s for sure.

How Many Chapters Are In The Game?

Overall, there are 13 Chapters in Stray, and they are broken up into large hub areas, and linear platforming, combat, or stealth sections. Hubs tend to be substantially larger than their connecting zones, often breaking the one-hour mark. Linear zones tend to fit into a 20-minutes.

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