How to Become a Better Gamer – 2019 Tips

Every day that passes the gaming world and the professional gaming scene is growing more and more and more people are accepting it too. This is quite a surprise for the people who are in love with games and have spent most of their lives on their computers or consoles gaming at home.

However, just because you have accumulated so many hours on games that do not make you a good player. Not everyone is so skilled the moment they sit down and grab the mouse and a keyboard.

Surprisingly, more than two billion people on the planet are constantly playing games and if you count mobile gaming players, it is more than half the population. Most of these people who play are just casual players and they do not really understand how to progress their skill and knowledge in games.

Fortunately, all those people, including you have access to the Internet. Obviously, since you are reading this article. The Internet is a place that can help you in any segment of your life, but it is especially filled in helping players get better in their games.

While some articles focusing on “IRL” things you might have to do like reducing your social circle, fewer nights out, etc., we are going to focus on the true things that might help you. The reason why so many people want to take up professional e-sports is that they feel comfortable in the virtual world and the job pays well too.

However, if you want to reach that level of skill where you can earn money just by playing, you will have to put in a lot of work. And by a lot, we mean more than eight hours a day if you want to reach the levels of other professional players. Earning millions and millions of US dollars just by playing a game needs to be backed up by some kind of expertise.

Most players that reach the professional gaming scene have started playing hardcore every single day at a very young age and become the experts somewhere around their twenties. This shouldn’t worry you because with the experience you already have, you can still become a better gamer but only with the right tips. Here are some of the top tips you should know about becoming a better competitor in the virtual world.

Consider Boosting Services

Without the right people to help you understand what it means to be a better gamer, how can you become one? Fortunately, there are a lot of websites out there that offer boosting services in various games to help you progress in-game. While their main service is to help you through a difficult or slow part of a game, just by playing with those experienced players you will get a better understanding of what you need to do.

Make sure that you pick the option to get boosted together with a team and when you get into the game follow all of their movements and then write it down. After you are finished with the boosting team, try to replicate everything that they did again and again until you can do it by yourself. According to, boosting services not only will save you time and help you progress faster in-game but will also better you as a player.

Proper equipment

Just like with any other sport, you must be equipped properly if you want to see good results. In soccer, without the right shoes (cleats) you will be able to run on the field, but not as good. In basketball, if your shoes do not have enough grip on the court floor, you won’t be able to perform as well. So if you want to become a better game, you will have to get yourself the right gaming gear.

Keep in mind that you will not become magically skilled just because you have bought a new set of keyboard and a mouse. The equipment you will get helps you to hone your skills or to completely utilize the capabilities of your talent.

Imagine this scene, two equally skilled players are put in a one versus one situation, but one of those two is equipped with a monitor, mouse, and keyboard that all output much lower response time.

This means that the player with the slower computer and worse equipment will not see the enemy player as fast as the one with the better gear. This shows you how just even a little bit of advantage can help you overcome your competition. Although, having better gear than someone who is more skilled than you, will not help you beat them.

The most important parts of gaming equipment are the following:


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