How To Catch And Evolve Fletchling In Pokemon Go Today

Fletchling – and it is Fletchling, not Fletching – is the latest Pokemon to make a debut in Pokemon Go, overjoying every Pokemon fan who has ever had an affinity for those early normal-type bird Pokemon. Fletchling might not be particularly unique or special, but its certainly an adorable wee bird that we’d love to have in our Pokedex, and luckily for you, you can catch a Fletchling in Pokemon Go right now. So what are you waiting for?

Just read through our guide below for the lowdown on Fletchling, how to catch it, and how to evolve it to make the most of your latest Pokemon. Oh, and be sure to make the most of the latest Pokemon Go feature, tagging.

What is Fletchling?

Fletchling is a small bird Pokemon that you might recognise from the Kalos region of the mainline Pokemon games. Like many early Pokemon, Fletchling is Normal/Flying-type and isn’t particularly threatening, but it is entirely adorable. Fletchling, by itself, isn’t all that powerful, but it does evolve into Fletchinder, and then later to Talonflame.

As the names make pretty obvious, Fletchling’s evolved forms actually boast a dual Fire/Flying-type, which sets Fletchling apart from other basic flying Pokemon you can find. If you need a decent Fire/Flying combo in Pokemon go, since it’s essentially a Fire-type that is immune to Ground-type attacks, then Fletchling, and later Talonflame is a great choice.

How to Catch Fletchling in Pokemon Go

Fletchling is now live in Pokemon Go, and if you’re interested in filling up your Pokedex then you know catching one is only the first step to catching them all. If you want to find Fletchling in Pokemon Go right now, all you need to do is open the app and take a look around.

I was lucky enough to find Fletchling immediately after starting the game, just flapping around outside my house. Of course, if you don’t immediately see a Fletchling, make sure to check the Nearby Pokemon, and see if Fletchling is visiting any Pokestops you can easily go to. Watch out, it’s cold out there.

You can also get Fletchling from 2km eggs, which is the easiest egg to hatch. Again, I’d be happier about this, but it is really cold out there.

How to Evolve Fletchling in Pokemon Go

Fletchling evolves very similarly to other Pokemon in Pokemon Go, all you really need to do is gather candy, and all you really need to do for that is catch a lot of Fletchling. Here’s how many you need

  • Fletchling > Fletchinder – 25 candy
  • Fletchinder > Talonflame – 100 candy

100 candy is a pretty tall order for a brand new Pokemon, so to boost your chances make sure to use Pinap berries while catching Fletchling, which will double the amount of candy you get from the catch.

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