How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Your Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid handheld/home console, but Nintendo hasn’t made it easy to use wireless headphones with the system. If you’re playing in handheld mode and you have a set of wired headphones or a two-way audio jack, then you can hook those up to the system, but there is a bit more work involved when it comes to wireless headphones.

The Switch has Bluetooth technology, but this is saved for the controllers. In order to use wireless headphones with the system, the consumer will need to purchase different items, based on whether they prefer to play in handheld mode or with the Switch hooked up to the TV.

It’s possible to use USB Bluetooth adapters with the Nintendo Switch’s dock. These will only work when the system is connected to the TV. The trick is to find a compatible adapter/headphone duo that will work with the Switch. It’s possible (but not guaranteed) that a Bluetooth dongle/headphones combo you already own could work with the Switch, so check first before buying any new hardware.

One option for connecting headphones to the Switch in docked mode is the Avantree adapter, which can be purchased on Amazon for $39.99. This is a Bluetooth adapter that can be inserted into the dock and will connect to wireless headphones. The adapter offers both voice chat and music support when using a compatible set of Avantree headphones, but only offers one or the other with other headphones.

Handheld Mode Options

In order to listen to wireless headphones on the Switch when it’s in handheld mode, the consumer will need a piece of proprietary hardware, as it has to be connected to the USB-C slot at the bottom of the system. This has the side effect of making it impossible to charge the Switch while the adapter is plugged in, though some adapters have found a way around this.

The BT Audio Sync Bionik costs $39.99 on Amazon and it bypasses the charging issue by including a separate slot for the cable. It’s also possible to connect two Bluetooth headsets to the unit. There is also the TROND Bluetooth Transmitter for $29.75 on Amazon, which is a dongle that connects to the multiple devices through the headphone jack and transmits to wireless headphones.

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