How To Find Articuno In Crown Tundra

There are two different types of Articuno in the Crown Tundra — regular Articuno and Galarian Articuno. We’ve already covered where to find Galarian Articuno, but it seems a lot of people are struggling with finding the original version of the Legendary Bird from Gen 1. Fortunately, we’ve managed to catch normal Articuno as well, and have all of the details you’ll need to know for snagging one for yourself.

So, without further ado, here’s how to find Articuno in Crown Tundra, as well as some recommended strategies for going up against the iconic Legendary Pokemon.

How To Find Articuno In Crown Tundra

Finding regular Articuno in the Crown Tundra is quite different to locating Galarian Articuno. For the latter, you’ll need to chase Galarian Articuno’s shadow around the Crown Tundra Wild Area, but there’s much less legwork involved in getting the Ice-type version of the Legendary Bird.

As with most of the Legendary Pokemon added to Crown Tundra, Articuno is available to catch via Dynamas Adventures in the Max Lair. This is the area you go to after battling Peony outside the Crown Tundra train station, and involves you taking down several Dynamax Pokemon before eventually encountering one of many returning Legendaries.

The thing is, there’s no way to guarantee you’ll be up against Articuno. You could meet Suicune, or Latios, or one of the Ultra Beasts from Gen 7 — eventually you’ll bump into all of them, but the order in which you do so is unfortunately not up to you.

That being said, if you come up against a Legendary Pokemon and happen to lose, you can specifically choose to face that one again. Unfortunately, it’s easier to lose in Dynamax Adventures than you might imagine — you have to use rental Pokemon, meaning that you can’t select one of your own mons to tackle the maze with. On top of that, these Pokemon are always level 65, while the Legendary at the end of the run is level 70.

Let’s not forget that the AI for Sword and Shield Dynamax raids isn’t great. I’ve seen people choose Basculin over Hydreigon, and one of my teammates once used Trick Room while I was running Talonflame — if you don’t know what that entails, it means they used a move that makes slow Pokemon go first, despite the fact I was battling with one of the fastest Pokemon in the game. As a result, Dynamax Adventures is harder than most other PvE challenges in Sword & Shield.

If you can help it, you’ll want to go for a Pokemon with access to Rock-type moves when you go up against Articuno. These are 4x super-effective against its Ice/Flying typing, and should be able to take it down in no time at all. As with all Dynamax raids, the aim is to make Articuno faint before getting the opportunity to throw one Poke Ball at it. Although the catch rates are high, they’re not 100%, so I always use an Ultra Ball just to be sure.

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