How To Find & Hit Mario Kart Tour’s Kadomatsu

Mario Kart Tour‘s New Year Tour features a couple of challenges that require players to find and hit Kadomatsu, but what in the world are they?

Mario Kart Tour‘s New Year Tour is now well into its second week. That means a fresh batch of challenges for players to try and complete in order to earn stars and rubies. For the second week in a row, racers have been tasked with finding and hitting kadomatsu with items. The trouble is, if you still haven’t figured out what a kadomatsu is, those challenges might be proving a little difficult to complete.

A kadomatsu is a decoration put outside of Japanese homes to celebrate the new year, hence their inclusion in the New Year Tour. If you have no idea what they look like, as we didn’t when first introduced to them by Nintendo, there’s a pic of one in-game below. They’re floral and for the week one challenge, players have been tasked with hitting three of them with an item in one race.

Green shells, bob-ombs, any items like that will do. The trouble is hitting three of them before your two laps are done. Although every track features kadomatsu for this tour, we would recommend paying Shy Guy Bazaar a visit for this particular challenge. Just like coins, the course is teeming with kadomatsu just begging to be hit.

Week two’s kadomatsu challenge is not quite as tricky as week one’s. Players will need to hit more kadomatsu, five of them, but not necessarily all in the same race. In fact, if you are yet to complete either challenge since you had no idea what the heck a kadomatsu was, the more skilled players among you might now be able to tick off both challenges in one go.

As for how long players have until these challenges disappear, players have until 9:59 pm PT on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. At 10 pm PST, the next tour will begin and the kadomatsu will presumably be cleared off the tracks ready to usher in whatever is coming next. Now that you know what they are, finding them shouldn’t be a problem. It’s the hitting that might still be a little tricky.

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