How To Get Deadpool In Fortnite

The long-awaited Deadpool skin has finally arrived in Fortnite. Here’s how players can get their hands on it.

As soon as Deadpool made his first surprise appearance in Fortnite, peeking out from behind the bookcase during the Season 2 launch trailer, players have been wondering how to get their hands on a Deadpool skin. The anti-hero has been issuing challenges each week and each set has come with its own unique reward.

The trouble is, none of those rewards have been a Deadpool skin, not even close. We’ve been given sprays, back bling, some pretty awesome stuff, but it’s not what we’re all here for. Finally, on the seventh week of Deadpool, the anti-hero is offering up his very own red and black suit as a reward. Here’s how to get it.

First of all, players need to have completed all six weeks of challenges building to week seven. Although all of them are incredibly easy to complete, players might have got wind of the reward and decided to skip a particular week. Unfortunately, if you want the skin, that isn’t going to cut it. Until every other Deadpool challenge has been completed, the all-important seventh week of challenges won’t become available.

Now for the most important part, the new challenges. As usual, one of them requires players to find something Deadpool has misplaced in Fortnite HQ. This time, it’s his set of dual pistols. Once discovered, players will need to venture into a match and find either a phone booth or a portapotty. They’re littered all over the island so shouldn’t be too hard to stumble upon. Enter one and when your player emerges, they will be dressed as Deadpool.

Despite the one item all players wanted finally becoming available, leakers have discovered Deadpool isn’t done issuing challenges. There will be a new set in week eight and the reward for completing them will be an alternate Deadpool skin. It’s the same as the regular one but without the mask, revealing Wade Wilson’s seriously scarred face. Cool, we guess, but no offense Wade, we’ll probably be keeping our masks on.

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