How To Make A Perfect Snowboy In New Horizons

From midway through December, snowboys can be built in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This is a fun winter activity to keep your island lively during those chilly, gray winter months, or so it would seem. Although the snowboys are adorable, many players are still debating whether they enjoy having them on their islands or not.

For some, building a snowboy can be a difficult task. You must get them perfect to earn the frozen furniture rewards. If you’re off just by a little bit, the snowboy gives you sassy dialogue instead. Then, you have to stare at his imperfect form for the next few days before he melts away. Building a snowboy should be fun so here are some tips to help it go smoothly.

7 Locate Your Snowballs

You can’t build a snowboy without snowballs. Every day in winter, Animal Crossing players can expect two snowballs to appear at random across the island. New Horizons islands are pretty expansive, so take your time to find the snowballs you need before you even think about how you’re going to build your snowboy.

Don’t give up if you can’t find both the snowballs right away. The snowballs can be on opposite corners of the island sometimes. Once you find them, you’re ready to roll them into the perfect snowboy.

6 Choose The Snowboy Location

Planning a spot for your snowboy is almost as important as the process of rolling snowballs. You’re going to need to see how tall your snowballs get, and this means having a space open enough to watch how you roll snowballs through the snow.

Seasoned Animal Crossing players probably have a beautiful, fully decorated island by now, but this can come with a price. A well-decorated island is amazing for tours with your friends, but sometimes can be too cluttered for snowboy building. Try clearing out an area to be simple, flat, and clean to make the process easier.

5 Take Your Time

If you’re struggling with an island full of failed snowboys, you may just need practice. Instead of cluttering your island with snowboys you’re unhappy with and waiting eagerly for them to melt, just slow down the process and take your time.

The perfect snowboy must have a ratio where his body is just slightly larger than his head. It’s very easy to roll a snowball for even a second too long and throw the whole ratio off. The snowballs on your island are not going anywhere, so don’t rush.

4 Watch Out For Dung Beetles

If you’ve already tried making snowboys, you may have noticed the snowballs you’ve found move around your island. It can be frustrating when you put a snowball in one spot, leave to find the second one, only to return and your snowball is missing.

Dung Beetles will appear randomly on your island and roll snowballs. They can sometimes push your snowballs in awkward spots. It’s best to find your two snowballs as quickly as possible to give the dung beetles less time to roll them away.

3 Retry If You Fail

Animal Crossing is a game that’s made to be relaxing and stress-free. There are almost no stakes in Animal Crossing, and that is true when building your snowboy. Remember that if your first snowboy doesn’t turn out like you wanted to, then you can always redo it.

Sometimes Animal Crossing players struggle with how to maneuver a snowball around the island. In the event your snowball rolls off a cliff or breaks in a burst of snow dust, don’t panic. If you go inside any villager’s home on your island, your snowballs will respawn.

2 Measure The Snowball Heights

The success of a perfect snowboy relies on having a bottom snowball that’s just a bit bigger than the snowball head. Although a perfect snowboy can be achieved at nearly any height, many Animal Crossing players compare the snowboy to their own villager’s height.

StrawberryInu on Reddit posted a visual guide to the height of a snowboy. The head is just below the villager’s ear, and the body is just above the villager’s ear. The perfect snowboy in the end will stand just a bit taller than your Animal Crossing villager. He’s a perfect height for you or your other villagers to take adorable photos with.

1 Use A Guide

If making a snowboy on your own still proves too challenging, you can always use a video guide for a step-by-step process on building a snowboy. If using a guide will help you enjoy your time in Animal Crossing New Horizons, then we encourage you to use one.

SnaxBreak on Youtube posted an easy-to-follow video on building the perfect snowboy. They used Animal Crossing’s custom paths to help shrink large snowballs to the perfect size. If you follow their steps, you’ll have dozens of snowboys and collect the full frozen DIY recipe set in no time.

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