How To Win Sticks And Stones In COD Black Ops: Cold War

Sticks and Stones has returned to Call Of Duty in Black Ops Cold War’s third season. The fan-favorite mode pits six players against each other with just a crossbow, ballistic knife, and tomahawk.

This guide will cover everything that you need to know about Sticks and Stones, including what each of the weapons does and some tips to help you win every match.

How Does The Scoring System Work In Sticks And Stones?

Sticks and Stones has a unique loadout and scoring system that help differentiate it from standard Free For All. All players spawn with the exact same loadout, which comprises of the R1 Shadowhunter crossbow, the ballistic knife, and one tomahawk.

The crossbow and ballistic knife both earn you 100 points, whilst the tomahawk earns you just 50. However, the tomahawk plays a much more important role than just getting points.

What Does The Tomahawk Do In Sticks And Stones?

Killing an enemy with the tomahawk counts as a humiliation kill. This bankrupts the player that you killed, setting their score right back down to zero.

This allows you to completely turn the tide of the match, since you could chain some tomahawk kills by continuously throwing and retrieving it.

How To Win More On Sticks And Stones

There are some useful tips that all players should bear in mind when they are playing Sticks and Stones.

How To See Who Has The Highest Score In Sticks And Stones

If you look at the minimap, you will see that there is a UAV constantly active, allowing you to see all the enemies each time it pulses. Most of the enemy markers will be red, but one might be yellow.

The yellow marker shows the player with the highest score. This allows you to target them for a quick humiliation kill, resetting their score whilst earning you some points too.

Which Weapon Should You Use The Most In Sticks And Stones?

When you play Sticks and Stones, you might be in a routine of cycling through each weapon until you hit the enemy. If you find yourself running in with the crossbow, swapping to your ballistic knife, and then throwing the tomahawk randomly, this one is for you. Slow down and stop focusing on your own points.

It is tempting to run around with the ballistic knife and crossbow as they earn you more points. However, it’s no good getting to the top of the scoreboard if a single tomahawk could bring you crashing back down to last place.

Rather than working hard to raise your own score, ensure that none of your enemies can get high scores by using the tomahawk more. It’s the most valuable weapon in your inventory because it stops the opponent getting high scores close to the end of the match.

Does The Crossbow Still Explode In Cold War Sticks And Stones?

Unlike previous games in the Black Ops series, the crossbow in Cold War’s Sticks and Stones mode does not have an explosive tip. This means you must be much more precise than in previous games, as you can no longer rely on the explosion to kill a nearby enemy.

This makes the tomahawk even more necessary since you can’t use the explosive crossbow to quickly rack up points again if you get humiliated. Instead, it’s easier to hit back by bankrupting everybody else in Cold War.

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