I Expect You To Die is an Oculus Quest hit, reaching $2 million in revenue

Schell Games’ I Expect You To Die is the latest VR title to celebrate huge success on Oculus Quest. The game, which launched on Facebook’s standalone headset last year, has sold nearly 100,000 copies on the platform, generating $2 million in revenue.

In September 2018, over six months before Quest launch, I Expect You To Die had generated $3 million in revenue across PC VR and PSVR headsets. The game came to PC in late 2016 and followed on PSVR in early 2017. In other words, the Quest has reached two-thirds of that revenue milestone in 12 months, whereas those three platforms combined took nearly 24 months to reach $3 million.

I Expect You To Die joins Moss and Pistol Whip on a list of games that have made $2 million on Quest. Facebook says there are over 10 titles that have raised this amount so far. UploadVR has heard from plenty more developers saying they’ve seen better sales on the headset, which makes VR more accessible thanks to onboard computing and a wire-free design.

I Expect You To Die offers a series of escape room-style virtual puzzles set to a secret agent theme. Several free levels were added to the title following Quest launch last year.

Indeed, UploadVR said that the Quest version of I Expect You To Die was the best way to experience the game. Schell Games is currently working on its next VR title, Until You Fall, which is on Early Access for PC VR headsets with Quest and PSVR versions planned.

The news comes a few days after Fast Travel Games confirmed that its debut VR game, Apex Construct, had passed 100,000 units sold across all platforms. The company specified that half of those sales were generated in its second year, which is around the time Quest launched.

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