If You’re Freezing To Death In Genshin Impact, Just Go Into Albedo’s Test Run For Warmth

If you’ve logged into Genshin Impact recently, you may be familiar with a new little addition to the game in the form of Sheer Cold. It’s a frustrating status bar that’ll slowly whittle away at your health in Dragonspine if you aren’t prepared. But don’t worry, there’s apparently a really easy way around that.

Genshin Impact’s newest expansion takes you to Dragonspine, an icy land full of new adventure and story quests. The mountainous region introduces you to Albedo, with Ganyu on the way later. The area should keep you busy for a while, and maybe a little frustrating at times with the added challenge of Sheer Cold. If you’ve ever played Breath of the Wild, this is exactly what you think it is. Sheer Cold is a status bar that slowly fills as time goes by. Once it maxes out, your team will slowly drop in health and eventually die without a source of warmth.

Finding little areas to stay warm can be a bit frustrating too when you just want to explore and unlock new teleport locations. Mihoyo gives you a few options to avoid an icy death, like huddling up next to torches or crafting food to fight off the cold. All of this can be a challenge though if you’re strapped for resources and time. Luckily, the community on Reddit has found a way to avoid all of this – just jump into Albedo’s character test trial to reset the bar.

Redditor Imaxslayeru posted the video to the relief (and annoyance) of travelers all over. Some folks noted this was much appreciated, but others on the PS4 reminded us that load times on the system are still pretty rough. Like, so rough that so folks would rather just take their chances freezing to death. A couple of other players mentioned they cheese the system with Barbara’s E ability, as it sounds like she may heal faster than the cryo damage can tick.

This is all fine and well, but honestly, I’m sick of crafting warming bottles and don’t mind the load times on PC. Over in my Genshin Impact world, I’ll be hopping in and out of Albedo’s character trial over and over until Mihoyo decides to take away the sneaky strategy.

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