Immortals Fenyx Rising: Where To Find Every Legendary Named Monster (& How To Beat It)

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, hunting is not some kind of activity reserved for completionists alone. It’s not an end unto itself. If you decide to track down the legendary monsters, you’ll be well rewarded with both plot points and gear. So you can feel fully validated in going on a hunt and exploring the realm in search of these animals.

But remember that somewhere out there, there are legendary monsters, animals of such ferocity that they have been given names by the locals and the gods. And if you’re not prepared, you’ll be ripped apart. So fill up your potions, get your gear restocked, and, when you’re ready, set off to do some intense combat in exchange for glory and rewards.

Alektryon, The Legendary Rooster

  • Head to the southwest in the Valley of the Eternal Spring.
  • Go to the Palace of Aphrodite.
  • Go to the very middle. When you are close, you will hear him and his chicken friends clucking. Follow that sound.
  • He’s bright white and purple and he’s about as big as you are, so he should be easy to spot.
  • His chicken pals will all attack you during this fight as well, which doesn’t sound too bad, but they are extraordinary farm animals as well that take multiple hits to get through. Keep moving around and don’t let them surround you!
  • These chicken assistants are actually more dangerous than Alektryon himself, since your every hit stuns him briefly. If you can isolate him in battle or finish of his allies, he literally won’t be able to move.

Kallisto, The Legendary Bear

  • Head to the eastern side of the Valley of the Eternal Spring, just southwest of the Gates of Tartaros.
  • You’ll be forced to go through a pathway formed by rocks on either side.
  • Toward the end of that path, you’ll spot Kallisto, she gives off a soft white glow, so she’s not a hard find, even at night.
  • This might sound like common sense, but watch out for her arms and teeth. As with most creatures, that will hurt you, but Kallisto will use these attacks without much of an audio or visual warning.
  • She will stand on her hind legs for a slam and lower her head over her shoulder for a charge. These moves are executed quickly, but they do have indicators for you to get out of the way just in time.

The Legendary Nemean Lion

  • This one is still in the Valley of the Eternal Spring, but just barely, it’s on the strip of land right underneath the War’s Den.
  • It’s on top of the plateau, climb up the rock ledges and make your way there.
  • Luckily, it’s facing away, so make your first hits count!
  • In addition to the usual array of teeth and claws, it lets out a roar which damages the area all around him for a short distance, so be ready to back up when you hear that low growl start to build.

Slayer Of Adonis, The Legendary Boar

  • Begin the search on the west side of the Valley of the Eternal Spring, just above the river that flows from the Palace of Aphrodite.
  • He’s out in the open, look for the red flowers in an open field, he’s casually resting in the center of the plains.
  • The narrators will tell you that you’re about to find out why the flowers are red and they aren’t lying. The boar will start with a barrel roll toward you and bucks all around him when you engage. Get your hits in between these attacks.
  • His natural inclination is to run away and set up his barrel roll, so following him tightly when he turns tail will give you lots of free damage, just be sure to dodge left or right after he turns around.

Nightmare Of Daidalos, The Legendary Minotaur

  • Head to the Palace of Aphrodite in the Valley of the Eternal String once again.
  • Go past the structures and make your way to the western shore.
  • If you see the columns, this beast has made himself at home right in the middle of them.
  • He faces the ocean, so get a free stealth attack on him. He does a couple of very wide swings with his arms and has a predictable charge in front of him, but if you can stay behind him as much as possible, you’ll be alright.

Kelaino, The Legendary Dark Vulture

  • This is in the dead center of the Valley of the Eternal Spring.
  • There aren’t many local landmarks by which to find the place Kelaino is flying around in, but that’s actually a good thing because it keeps the sky clear and makes the bird simple to spot.
  • Do not confuse this animal with one of the harpies, look for the purple and white colorations. It has arms, which is strange, but it’s technically a bird and not a harpy.
  • As an air target, there is a special challenge here, since your ranged abilities are limited. Pull yourself toward them and execute a midair combo, but make sure only to do this when it’s lower to the ground or you’ll take massive fall damage.
  • The air ax combo will smack it to the ground, allowing you to unleash your arsenal for a few seconds before it takes to the skies again.

Legendary Gorgon Of Dread

  • Go to the west coast in the Valley of the Eternal Spring. You’ll be atop a cliff, but notice the islands beneath you.
  • There is one medium-sized island in between the mainland and the large island with a ship on it. Look for the pillars.
  • In many other renditions of mythology, the Grogon is mostly human with snakes in her hair. Immortals Fenyx Rising goes all out, giving this creature a snakelike body as well.
  • The only real ace in the deck for this monster is the stone attack, but there is a very large and generous window in which to interrupt this attack. When you see a yellow glow around its face, interrupt it and capitalize on the following stun.

Pyrakmon, The Legendary Cyclops

  • Finally leaving the Valley of the Eternal Spring, go to the northwest portion of The Forgelands, directly south of King’s Peak.
  • Instead of going into the vault located here, swing around the cave and head up the hill.
  • He’s squatting down, so don’t mistake him for a rock amongst the plains.
  • When he holds both his hands above his head, dodge left or right, he pounds the ground, sending a line of rocks from the ground toward you.
  • His other attacks are very slow and easily dodged. He can attack with either foot and either hand, but he’ll levitate them above the ground with plenty of warning time to let you know to get out of the way.

Ophinikos Of Legend

  • At the far northeast of The Forgelands, just south of the islands off the coast, find the plains there.
  • Look in the sky around the gigantic torch gates.
  • The creature you are looking for is a flying Gryphon, oddly not part of his official name like most of the other entries on this list.
  • Like the Dark Vulture, Ophinikos wants to stay in the sky, meaning you’ll either have to grapple and combo or use the ax to bring it down to earth.
  • It has a cone-shaped breath attack that does some good damage, so be ready to use your aerial maneuvers to dodge this.
  • Take advantage of its low health and whittle it down, prioritizing dodging over finishing combo moves.

Talos the Rebuilt, Legendary Automaton

  • Make your way to the very southern part of The Forgelands, just before War’s Den.
  • Look for a hill with two gigantic torches above it, a nice plains area will direct you there.
  • Talos is impossible to miss, it’s a gigantic robot standing in the middle of a stone floor.
  • It’s facing away, so go ahead and get at least one stealth attack in before the skirmish.
  • Its primary move is to squat down, then pop up, which will uppercut you if you don’t dodge it, then slam back down, which deals another round of damage via a small shockwave. Both attacks hit from all sides, so back off when it ducks.
  • It has a lot of health, but it is incredibly susceptible to stuns. Summon the spears from the ground and it’ll be rendered unconscious for a long time, allowing you to attack it without any resistance.

Perversion Of Echidna, The Legendary Chimera

  • Now we’re going to the War’s Den, southeast from the Gates Of Tartaros.
  • When looking at the map, the location of this creature can be seen as a grey rectangle with several stone valleys leading to it.
  • Perversion is neither at the bottom or the top of the landscape. Your best bet, as you approach, is to come from the top and swoop down.
  • The Chimera can fly, but unlike the other flying animals on this list, it is on the ground.
  • You’re looking for a sleeping creature that has wings, a serpent tail, and three heads; one dragon, one lion, and one goat.
  • It will fly up into the air sometimes, but it will immediately come back down, so don’t feel the need to pursue.
  • It breathes fire and will swipe with its front claws, but nothing else is special, so stay on the sides and back and chop it down.

The Many-Handed, The Legendary Hekatonchires

  • All the way up to the frozen north, start looking on the southeast portion of the King’s Peak island.
  • As if the name wasn’t creepy enough, you’ll know you are in the right area because gigantic, quivering human hands will be sticking out of the ground.
  • It will be cradled up into a shaking ball, so you won’t be able to see it’s full stature at first, look for a grey bounder that is shivering just a little.
  • When it stands up, you’re in for a real battle and it’s got three major attacks that do legitimate damage and knock you down: A regular punch (watch for the wind up), a downward thrust that will hit everything around it (all its arms will light up red), and a ranged linear attack (it will kneel and go silent).


If you have gotten this far, you’ve successfully defeated every legendary monster in the game!

Well done and enjoy the new trophies, lore, and items available to you now!

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