In Today’s ‘Don’t Vape Into Your Xbox’ News, Sony Says You Can’t Marry A PS5

Yesterday, news of people hiding marriage proposals in recently purchased PS5s started making headlines, including around these parts. It’s not exactly the same as going down on one knee while visiting the Grand Canyon or anything, but since we’re all in lockdown, there’s not a whole lot of traveling going on these days. Swapping your proposal plans to coincide with a major entertainment purchase sort of makes sense, I guess.

However, it seems that some people may have gotten things a little mixed up. People are hiding engagement rings and proposal messages inside their PS5 retail boxes so it becomes a fun surprise when they get their new console set up. They’re not actually trying to marry their new PlayStation 5, even though some of them probably wish they could.

Regardless, Sony felt it necessary to just come out and tell their followers that you can’t actually marry a PlayStation. At least, not legally. You can probably set up a small ceremony and hire someone to unofficially “marry” you to an inanimate object, but it’s not recognized by any government body.

It’s suddenly become a pattern for major console makers to tell their insane followers on Twitter not to do crazy things. Recently, Microsoft had to actually tell people not to blow vape smoke into the new Xbox Series X. They didn’t exactly say what prolonged exposure to vape smoke would do to delicate electronics, but it can’t be good. Moreover, it probably voids the warranty.

Probably. We haven’t read the part that deals with vape smoke, but it seems like it’d be something that’d void a warranty somewhere.

In other next-gen console news, scalpers in Toronto are getting robbed by an angry gamer who’s setting up fake meetings to purchase consoles at inflated prices. If we find out that the perpetrators are then giving away PS5s and Xbox Series X’s to the poor, we’ll have a modern-day Robin Hood on our hands. For now, we just have a wanted criminal.

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