Infinity Ward Basically Confirms Battle Royale For Modern Warfare

Battle Royale is likely coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare soon.

While the community was abuzz with rumors about the mode, Infinity Ward stuck to its guns and remained as tight-lipped as possible. The care package of Season 2 landed in the form of an extremely massive update, ranging between 51-94GB depending on one’s console, in addition to a whole new (unspecified) section on the Menu page and with Battle Royale all but confirmed. Modern Warfare‘s brand new video alludes to the mode even further.

In it, three soldiers stroll through a dilapidated lobby. After turning a corner, one soldier in the trio gets shot and killed, while the second pops around the wall and takes down the enemy. “Gas is closing in. We have to exfil now,” says the shooter, while the remaining two tactically stroll out of view. Though subtle, it sounds like the shooter is referring to a storm-like situation, akin to Battlefield’s Firestorm, Apex Legend‘s closing ring, and, of course, Fortnite‘s circular boundary.

It could simply be another promotional effort on the part of Infinity Ward, given the ample amounts of trailers alluding to new maps, weapons, operators, and much more. However, it’s the end of the aforementioned video that cements the rumors as fact. In the last few seconds, a cargo plane flies slowly into view and airdrops paratroopers, which is likely a hint to the new mode.

Not only that, but a full birds-eye view of the Battle Royale map was leaked on Reddit months ago, so the mode is practically a certainty.

Start picking those squad buddies and weapons, because that crossbow isn’t going to cut it in Battle Royale, which is more than likely dropping very soon. Given the various rumors and winks by Infinity Ward, it’s safe to assume it will be arriving somewhere in Season 2. With only about 50 days in the new Battle Pass, Infinity Ward will likely want to squeeze in ample amount of time for the Battle Royale mode in order to draw in more players.

Though it hasn’t been 100% confirmed by Infinity Ward just yet, it’s pretty clear that the company is gearing up for something big. With Modern Warfare, a new Battle Royale mode could bring in an even larger audience.

Hopefully, it’s only a matter of time before we receive an official announcement and release date.

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