Innovative Silent Tabletop RPG Alice Is Missing Now Taking Pre-orders

Renegade Game Studios and Hunters Entertainment recently announced that you can now submit pre-orders for their ingenious upcoming tabletop roleplaying game Alice is Missing. The final product is scheduled for release in December 2020, but we can get our pre-orders in with our FLGS or through the Renegade game store for an even $20.

Alice is Missing is being developed in a collaborative effort by Renegade Game Studios (Overlight, Icarus RPG) and Hunters Entertainment (Outbreak: Undead, Altered Carbon RPG). The game sets us roleplayers up in Silent Falls, a small, quiet town in Northern California. Alice Briarwood, a high school junior student there, has vanished, Players are tasked with searching for her, but not necessarily in the standard gather-your-party and kill everything along your path that isn’t her RPG fare.

Instead, in Alice, the conversation between players is done entirely through text messages. Additionally, a single Alice game session is timed to last just 90 minutes. During that short amount of time, players will search for and discover clues to Alice’s location, along with finding out a lot about the people of Silent Falls, most especially, the ones who are being roleplayed by your fellow players. Since Alice is a mutual acquaintance of all the characters, the mystery and suspicion regarding her (possible) relationships with other players quickly grow as more clues and discoveries are made.

Alice doesn’t have a formal GM in charge of NPCs or adversaries. Instead, players appoint a facilitator who helps explain the rules of the game, and plays as one of the characters also searching for Alice. Then, players gather somewhere quiet with their text-message-capable devices, and one desktop or laptop computer. The facilitator selects the character Charlie Barnes, while the other payers select their characters as they wish. The facilitator hands a randomly-selected Drive Card to the players, which describes two relationship prompts. The players the two prompts to two other players, establishing their character’s relationship to each other, and affecting their relationship decisions throughout the rest of the game.

To see in more detail how Alice is Missing is played, and to see if it may be a game you want to pre-order, check out Good Time Society’s How to Game: Alice Is Missing video, and also watch the Hunters Entertainment GenCon 2020: Alice is Missing Live Play video. And, of course, you can also monitor the Renegade and Hunters Twitch channels for live Alice updates.

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