Insider Claims God of War Ragnarok Was Going To Launch On The Same Day As Starfield

After months of leaks and guesswork as to when we might finally get to play God of War Ragnarok, PlayStation finally confirmed the sequel will arrive on November 9, 2022. A little odd that the release date falls on a Wednesday instead of a Friday, but apparently that's due to an unknown logistical reason and not because Ragnarok was potentially going to launch on the same day as Starfield.

The belief that Ragnarok was actually slated to launch on the Friday appears to stem from a leaked trailer that started doing the rounds late last week. The date on that trailer has the next God Of War game arriving on November 11. In a ResetEra forum in which the potential reason for the two-day shift has been dissected, insider Jason Schreier has shot down the Starfield theory.

Yes, there was a time when both games were potentially going to arrive on the same day, but according to Schreier, Ragnarok's release date was not moved because it was potentially going to clash with Starfield. “It was indeed planned for 11/11/22, and that the sudden release change to 11/9/22 was why they bumped back the announcement from June 30 to the week after,” Schreier wrote on ResetEra.

“Not 100% sure why they moved it. I think it was more of a logistical thing rather than anything to do with Starfield.” Moving a game's launch date two days wouldn't really prevent it from clashing with something else. The speculation was that PlayStation moved Ragnarok forward two days in the hope people eager to play a big game would get that and pass on Starfield two days later. In reality, it appears something else was the reason for Ragnarok's release date getting moved.

As it stands, we'll now be getting no major games launching on November 11 this year as opposed to two of the biggest titles in the next 12 months. While Ragnarok will still be here before the end of 2022, Starfield's launch has been pushed into 2023. The only real competition God Of War will need to be on the look out for is Pokemon Scarlet & Violet which arrives on Nintendo Switch the following week, and Skull & Bones which arrives November 8.

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