Into The Breach Advanced Edition Coming In July, iOS And Android Versions Exclusive To Netflix Subscribers

With its approachable gameplay and chess-like complexity, Into the Breach has been an incredible strategy option for PC and Switch owners. With its upcoming Advanced Edition expansion, new content is getting pumped into the mech tactics games where it can already be played. Even better still, mobile versions are landing the same day with the new DLC bolted right in from the start.

Subset Games, which also developed the space-faring rogue-lite FTL, is releasing the Advanced edition on July 19. It comes new units, weapons, pilots, abilities, and more. For expert players, there will be a more challenging difficulty mode to contend with, along with new bosses and enemies to learn to defeat efficiently and effectively. Here are some bullet points of what to expect in Into the Breach’s Advanced Edition Update:

  • Five new mech squads
  • Nearly 40 new weapons
  • Four new pilots and new pilot abilities
  • New enemies, bosses, and missions
  • More challenging difficulty mode
  • Seven new languages
  • New music from Ben Prunty

Into The Breach

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