Is Genshin Impact Getting a Monthly Resin Pass?

Genshin Impact’s Resin system is troubled, Mihoyo has acknowledged as much in the past through updates to the game. It seems the company may have a solution in the pipeline to offset some of that stress in the form of a monthly Resin Pass that came and went over the weekend.

For a little context around the state of the issue, the game’s Resin system slowly accumulates any missing currency you have throughout the day and caps at 160. Most players find the current state of regeneration too slow, and as a response, Mihoyo increased the cap. It’s great you can hold more now, but it doesn’t really solve the problem of how sluggish you accumulate the premium battle currency. Relying on the recharge means you’re gated out of practically everything big in the game, like farming domains or scoring boss rewards.

A few days ago, @AeEntropy on Twitter reported that a Resin Pass popped up on the Chinese PlayStation Store. The price was roughly around $5 when converted and rewarded you with 60 Resin on purchase, then 40 additional Resin daily for the next 30 days. That’s 1,260 Resin total, so what you would accumulate through a week. At the end of the day, the math doesn’t really amount to a ton of value, as it works out to a value of about $13. 40 Resin a day is only two domains or a boss fight. Or maybe even just one condensed Resin. The pass doesn’t even cover a weekly fight like Childe or Stormterror for one day.

The pass has since been pulled from the Chinese PlayStation Store, and there’s been no sign of it popping up on Western digital storefronts just yet. Right now, you can only exchange Primogems for Resin, or buy things like the battle pass for additional packs.

Mihoyo has indicated it will continue to work on improving the Resin system, but it’s unclear if this is the final solution to the scarce resource. This isn’t the first time Mihoyo has been met with dissatisfaction to how things have been handled in Genshin Impact, as it’s still responding and working on the controversies surround Zhongli.

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