Raised $2 Million For Ukraine In Only One Day

Yesterday, launched a bundle of 1,000 games to raise money for Ukraine, helping amidst Russia's invasion. It's only $10 but you can pledge however much you want. Already, it's raised $2 million.

The bundle is up for another eight days and it has already hit its first goal of $1 million. The new goal has been set at $4 million, just under double what it has now. If you decide to donate by purchasing's charity bundle, you'll get $6,500 worth of games for as little as $10 while also helping those caught in the conflict.

By donating, you're helping two charities – the International Medical Corps and Voices of Children. They do what they say on the tin. The first is mainly about offering medical aid to those caught up in the war, while Voices of Children primarily focuses on helping young people who are in the middle of the conflict, trying to survive as Russia and Belarus continue their invasion. The bundle was put together by 732 creators, and it goes beyond video games. You'll also get access to books and tabletop RPGs.

"We stand with Ukranians, and with all people around the world who despise war," the bundle's page reads. "Several prominent developers and publishers signed up to specifically to be in this bundle."

There are some highlights from fairly well-known indie developers. The bundle includes Superhot, Celeste, A Short Hike, and more. If you're going to expand your backlog again, you might as well help a charitable cause in the process.

Doom creator John Romero has also seen some success with his own fundraising efforts. He released a brand new Doom 2 level, the first since 1994, with 100 percent of the proceeds going toward helping Ukrainian charities. That managed to raise €25,000 single handedly. You can also pick that up if the 1,000 games don't tickle you.

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