It’s Been 20 Years Since Sonic Made His Nintendo Debut, Yuji Naka Has Mixed Feelings

Ready to feel your bones crumble into dust? It has now been 20 years since the release of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle – the best Sonic game – on GameCube. This also means it's been two decades since the blue blur ditched his Sega console exclusivity, as the company pulled out of the console market.

This is something that Sonic co-creator Yuji Naka has mixed feelings about. Speaking on Twitter, Naka appears to feel bittersweet about reaching the milestone, reflecting on two decades of highs and lows for the series.

Naka didn't elaborate on his feelings or give any specific examples, but his comments on the anniversary are telling. "I had mixed feelings about Sonic's run on non-Sega hardware", Naka writes. "both sad and happy."

One possible reading of this statement is that while Naka was happy to see Sonic live on despite Sega's misfortunes, he's sad to see the company he worked for abandon the console market. Of course, it's also possible that Naka is referring to the trajectory of the games after this move was made. It's common knowledge that the series has had mixed critical successes as it launched on other platforms, ranging from hits such as Sonic Colours, to stinkers like the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.

On a cheerier note, Naka is joining Sonic fans in being excited about the next movie. A new trailer dropped this week, revealing that the sequel to the 2020 hit Sonic film will be much more inspired by the games. Here, we see shots of what appears to be Angel Island, with Sonic and Knuckles duking it out next to the Master Emerald. But what seems to have fans most excited is Eggman's machinery this time around, as he's seen deploying a massive robot – based on his likeness, of course.

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