James Gunn Confirms Plans For DCU Games

Every few years, Warner Bros. and DC bosses promise that their superhero universe is getting a shake-up and that there is a years-long plan in place. That promise was made again recently but this time, it might actually stick. James Gunn and Peter Safran are now heading up the DCU, and the former has confirmed video games will be a part of future plans.

Gunn fielded questions on Twitter over the weekend, most of which were about his and Safran's plans for the DCEU, or the DCU as Gunn is now referring to it. Gunn was asked if more characters will be getting their own shows, to which he replied yes and that movies, TV, and even animation will all be connected. That prompted a follow-up about games, and good news on that front too.

When asked if there are plans for games to be connected to the DCU too, Gunn simply replied “yes”. The prospect of games being an integral part of the DCU came up earlier this month when the head of Warner Bros. Discovery David Zaslav mentioned including them in plans moving forward as part of a wider vision for DC.

As for whether DC fans like the idea or not, early reactions to Gunn's confirmation appear to be mixed. Some have pointed out the amount of work Marvel currently has to do to keep its movies and TV shows connected. Adding video games into the mix, and potentially making fans feel like they have to play them in order to understand everything going on, might make the DCU needlessly messy and difficult to stay on top of.

Those in support of DC games existing in the same universe as its movies and TV shows point to Star Wars. A number of Star Wars games have been confirmed to be taking place in the same galaxy far, far away as the movies and all of the shows on Disney Plus. Jedi: Fallen Order and Battlefront 2 are both canon in the Star Wars universe, but they don't need to be played for fans to understand everything else happening on the big and small screen.

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