Japan Is Getting A Rune Factory 5 "Premium Box"

It’s no secret that Japan gets a lot of exclusive merchandise that piques the interest of fans worldwide. Western fans have to work extra hard if they want to acquire these exclusives on their native land, and Rune Factory 5’s next release won’t be any different.

Marvelous’ upcoming RPG simulation has been kept in the dark for a while now. The game was previously meant to release last year, but it ended up getting delayed due to the big, bad Covid monster. The last time we received any concrete information was within some gameplay footage that dropped in September, along with news of the delay. But now, the publisher has confirmed that the game will be released in Japan on May 20, along with the release of a special “Premium Box”. Rune Factory 5’s western release is expected to launch sometime this year also.

Releasing as part of the game’s launch, the Premium Box limited edition is a beautifully designed release for Nintendo Switch, which deserves a place in every fan’s collection. The box will include a copy of the game for Switch, a visual book, the Memorial Soundtrack Selection, and a “Rune Factory 4 Bachelorette / Bachelor Costume Set” DLC – all encased inside the special box. The Premium Box will retail at ¥9,980 (approximately $95) and feature stunning character artwork displayed across all of its contents. The game’s localization is being handled by XSEED Games, therefore, it is unclear whether western fans will receive a different limited edition to Japan’s.

After the September gameplay footage dropped, December brought two new additions to the marriage candidates roster. Bachelorette and bachelor Beatrice and Lucas were introduced to the Rune Factory fanbase, and Marvelous also detailed the characters’ personalities, voice actors, and revealed a little about the game’s romantic life. Previous announcements introduced us to Lucy and Cecil, all of which adds to a healthy-looking romantic life in the game.

In addition to Japan’s Premium Box release, the East will also be receiving an exclusive special edition Monster Hunter Rise Switch and controller – and we’re not at all jealous. The console art is intricately designed and inspired by traditional Japanese art, featuring a stunning gold print of the Magnamalo.

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