Jett: The Far Shore Gets Confirmed For Touchdown In 2021

Revealed as a part of Sony’s PlayStation 5 Gameplay stream back in June, Jett: The Far Shore was one of the more mysterious titles displayed on stream. Coming from indie developer Superbrothers HQ, this title would be the second game from the company after its 2011 masterpiece Sword & Sworcery EP. Many had assumed it was on track to be a PS5 launch title, but that isn’t the case. The devs have confirmed in a new blog post it will be touching down in 2021.

“JETT: THE FAR SHORE is now fixin’ to deploy in 2021 on PlayStation consoles and PC on the Epic Games Store,” writes the team. “Hectic times, so we’ve revised our trajectory. It’ll be stellar when it alights.” The team expressed how moved it was to the response received from the PS5 stream, so it wants to make sure everything is perfect for when the game eventually releases.

It’s very odd for me to be so excited about a game we know next to nothing about, but the pedigree of Sword & Sworcery EP speaks for itself. An excellent mobile game that utilized certain mobile functions to an exceptional degree, I’m pretty confident in thinking Jett will be just as innovative. It doesn’t hurt that Superbrothers also created the best levels in Sony’s Sound Shapes, so that’s something else to keep in mind.

Whatever Jett: The Far Shore ends up being, I’m happy to hear that Superbrothers isn’t rushing the game out. It might be next to impossible to actually get a PS5 this year, but then the PS4 and PC release should help get Jett in the hands of more people.

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