Joy-Con Price Reduction Coming To North America

Previously only confirmed for Japan, Nintendo has officially announced that the price of a single Joy-Con in North America will be reduced from $49.99 to $39.99 starting on November 9. A pack of two Joy-Cons, however, will remain at $79.99.

Several weeks ago this news was announced for Japan, with no indication that regions beyond Nintendo’s home country would see the price cuts. Earlier today Nintendo confirmed – via Twitter – that the permanent discount is also coming to North America. As of now it seems that the only Joy-Cons receiving the discount on November 9 are the standard Neon Blue or Neon Red units, while all other products will still be listed at their normal price.

Fans’ reaction to the price cuts are mixed. While people are no doubt happy they can pick up the controllers at a reduced cost, they’d much prefer Nintendo focus on fixing the long-running drift issue so they don’t need to buy a replacement at all. It’s been the one blemish on Nintendo’s otherwise stellar Switch record, and one that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

A few months ago another lawsuit was filed against the company – this time by a ten-year old and his mother. They claim that their Joy-Cons began drifting after just a few months of use and, when they purchased a replacement, that one began drifting as well.

Then there’s the ongoing class action lawsuit against the company, which has had a winding journey over this past year. The case was sent to arbitration many months ago, without much progress being made since. If you’ve experienced Joy-Con drift first hand, you can add a complaint to the ever-growing list. You can even upload a video of the incident, although the lawyers handling the case will stop accepting videos at the end of this month.

Hopefully, Nintendo gets things sorted out with Joy-Con drift in the near future. But, in the meantime, you’ll be able to pick up new controllers at a discounted price starting November 9.

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