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When it comes to Ryu Ga Gotoku’s Judgment, a spin-off of the popular Yakuza franchise, players take on the role of Takayuki Yagami, a private detective. As well as dealing with Yakuza politics, private cases, and trying to uncover the identity of the serial killer known as “the Mole”, Yagami can also date a number of characters.

There are four different women that Yagami can date, and there are three achievements/trophies tied to getting the women to confess their feelings to you. The first romance option you can encounter in the game is Sana Mihama. Here’s a full guide on how to pursue a relationship with her.

“Amidst a Dream” Side Case Walkthrough

The first thing you need to do to unlock Sana is to complete the side case (essentially a sidequest) called “Amidst a Dream”. This becomes available at the start of Chapter Three and can be started at the location shown above in Theater Square where you will see a woman playing the guitar.

After watching her performance, speak to Sana and buy her CD for ¥1,500. Next, leave the area and the side case marker will update, prompting you to visit Bar Tender in the location shown below.

Speak to Sana to progress the side case. Your choices don’t really matter, so pick whichever you like. After another performance, leave the area and you’ll see the “Amidst a Dream” side case marker appears in Theater Square again, so head back there.

Speak to Sana again to learn that a production company is interested in signing her. Then afterward, head towards Bar Tender again as that’s where the side case marker pops up next. Speak to Sana again to progress the side case.

After the cutscene, choose whichever conversational option you want to progress the case. Sana will ask for your help in checking out this shady producer guy, so agree to help her.

Next, head back to Theater Square to find Saito, the producer. The side case will be marked on your map, showing you that Saito is just east of where Sana usually performs. Head over to him to trigger another cutscene, after which, you’ll need to tail him without being seen.

He’ll stop and look around a few times, even doubling back on himself, so use any nearby cover as needed. Eventually, he will enter a building and you will need to go in and up the stairs to complete this portion of the side case.

You’ll need to eavesdrop on your target while in the cafe, so in your menu go to “Items”, and then the “Disguises” tab, and pick another outfit so that you can sit at the table beside them without being recognized. Attempting this without a disguise will make Saito spot you, but will not fail the case.

You’ll call Sana afterward and agree to meet her at Theater Square, so head that way. When you get to where Sana should be, she will call you to say she is being abducted, however, you don’t know where the office is. Go into your “Case File” menu, then the “Side Case” tab, and examine the evidence under “Amidst a Dream”. Saito’s business card will tell you exactly where you need to go.

You want to head to the fourth floor of the Ishiyama Building on East Taihei Boulevard, as shown above. You’ll see Sana’s fans stood outside, so it’s clear where you need to go. After the cutscene, defeat Saito’s crew and save Sana. In the following cutscene, choose “It’s too early to give up.” This will complete this side case.

How to Date Sana Mihama

Once the “Amidst a Dream” side case is complete, get ready to kill some time and progress the story. Eventually, Sana will text you, so make sure you reply with “I’ll cheer you up anytime.”

After this point, Sana will change between texting you and appearing in Theater Square, though you sometimes need to leave the area or kill time or progress the story in between this happening. Make sure you always respond to her text messages with the most positive responses and meet her in Theater Square whenever the little heart logo appears there. When she asks you on dates, make sure you agree to see her.

After doing this, she will eventually ask you out on a date, and after each date, you will resume the texting/meeting in Theater Square, so rinse and repeat and keep making Sana happy.

Just below is a full breakdown of each date you will go on with Sana, and at the end of each date she will follow up with an immediate text message for you to respond to.

First Date with Sana

Sana will text you again asking to meet up, so choose the option “I wanted to see you too.”. You’ll arrange to meet in Theater Square, but first, you want to buy her a gift.

Head down to Le Marche at the southern end of Kamurocho. Sana likes gifts that have a younger cute vibe, so don’t buy items that mention they are for mature women. The Twinkle Heart Ring is a good choice. It’s worth buying more than one gift that Sana will like now, as you will need some for future dates too (four in total).

Return to Theater Square and you’ll find your meeting spot to the east of where she normally plays guitar. Give her the gift that you purchased and then you need to pick your date location. Sana wants to go somewhere “fun”, so take her to the arcade. Sana wants you to win her one of the soft toys from the UFO catcher machine, so make sure you win it to get a significant relationship boost.

Next, you’ll head to a cafe where you need to pick some conversation options. If you have already raised your relationship gauge enough, you will be able to ask the previously padlocked question.

Choose the following conversation options:

  • Talk about life in Kamurocho: Choose “Gently express concern”.
  • Talk about Hobbies: Choose “I’m actually pretty big on curry” followed by “Playing pinball”.
  • Talk about Sana’s ideal man: Choose “Younger” followed by “15 years”.

Next, choose the “Take a picture” option before you end the conversation and watch the final cutscene. Sana will text you after she leaves saying that she had fun, so choose “I did too.”

Second Date with Sana

Prepare by purchasing another gift for Sana (if you haven’t already), then head to meet her for your date where she will gift you with a copy of her new LP. Unfortunately, your date gets interrupted and you will end up taking Sana back to your office where she will cook for you. Choose “Sing her praises” when it comes to your reaction to her cooking.

Another conversation will occur, and once again, depending on your relationship status you might unlock an additional question to ask.

Choose the following conversation options:

  • Have you written anything new lately?: Choose any options.
  • What made you want to get into music?: Choose “You must have some real talent”.
  • Are you dating anyone right now?: Choose “That’s a relief” followed by “Still Single”.

Choose to take another selfie with her before closing out the conversation. Afterward, you’ll end up walking Sana back to Theater Square for another cutscene.

Third Date with Sana

Pick up another gift if you haven’t already and then meet Sana in Theater Square again, and you’ll find her wearing a disguise this time. If you have unlocked the suit for Yagami, he will automatically wear it for this date. You will be able to choose between the arcade, playing darts, or the batting center for your date location — it’s worth choosing somewhere where you are good at the mini-game involved so that you can impress her.

After your date, you’ll head back to your office for another conversation will occur, and once again, depending on your relationship status you might unlock an additional question to ask.

Choose the following conversation options:

  • Her Disguise: Choose “I like them both”.
  • How She’s Been: Choose “That is a problem indeed”.
  • Who She Likes: Choose “Pretend you know who it is”.

Take yet another selfie and close out the date with a creepy cutscene of Sana’s stalker.

Fourth Date with Sana

Purchase another gift for Sana if you don’t have one on you, then meet her at Theater Square and choose where to have your date again from the usual locations. After your date, you’ll head back to your office for another conversation, and depending on your relationship level, you might be able to ask her an additional question.

Choose the following conversation options:

  • Let’s just talk: Choose “I still want to see you”.
  • Let’s talk music: N/A
  • Let’s talk relationships: Choose “I see you as someone special”.

Take a selfie with her, then in the following conversation, choose “Follow your heart” followed by “What about that song you wrote?”.

Sana will leave the office and you’ll eventually have to follow her, so head towards Poppo in Showa Street for another cutscene and a showdown with her stalker and to close out this date.

Fifth Date with Sana

This is your final date with Sana where she will confess her feelings to you. She’ll ask to meet in your office this time, so agree when you are ready to meet her.

Choose the following conversation options:

  • How’s your latest single: N/A
  • How’s that manager of yours?: N/A
  • (She mentioned something important…): Choose “Accept her love.”

There is no penalty to already having a girlfriend at the time you accept Sana’s confession, so don’t let this stop you from accepting her confession.

Skills That Can Help With Dating

There are various skills that you can purchase with SP that will help you to progress your relationship with your girlfriend a little quicker. They can be found under the “Special” tab of the Skills menu.

  • Dating Whizz — Further increases your intimacy when playing minigames with your girlfriend.
  • Smooth Talker — Further increases your intimacy when having a conversation with your girlfriend.
  • Postmodern Poet — Further increase your intimacy when exchanging text messages with your girlfriend.

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