Kai Cenat Has Been Banned On Twitch

When it comes to Twitch streamers, there aren't many as popular as Kai Cenat. Sitting up their with the likes xQc and Hasan, the creator has exploded in popularity fairly recently with a variety of types of content. Just like with a lot of Twitch streamers though, Kai Cenat has a fair amount of controversy swirling around him, and he's now been banned from Twitch for a fourth time.

However, unlike most bans that Twitch dishes out, Kai Cenat's fans are still trying to figure out exactly why he's been temporarily removed from the platform. The prevailing theory is that in Kai Cenat's most recent stream, he passed out while on camera after eating too many edibles. While light drug use is acceptable on Twitch as long as the drug in question is legal in the streamer's country/state, passing out live on Twitch could possibly be regarded as self-destructive behavior which isn't allowed.

That's the most concrete theory anyway, but another seems to be that the state in which Kai Cenat is based doesn't actually allow the use of cannabis in any form. Kai Cenat is from New York but actually streams from Atlanta, Georgia, a state in which the use of cannabis is still illegal. Twitch has either refrained from telling Kai Cenat why he's been banned, or the streamer is just keeping the reasoning to himself, as he's commented on the ban via his Twitter account but hasn't actually explained why.

Due to how unsure about the ban most people seem to be, we also don't have an estimated time for when it will be lifted. We'll just have to wait and see when the streamer returns, although hopefully he'll cut back on passing out live on air to avoid this from happening in the future.

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