King Dodongo’s Paws In Ocarina Of Time Look Like Sneaky Little Cats

It is no secret that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a fan-favorite in the series. The game is still being played, streamed, and talked about some twenty years after its release and rightfully so. The Nintendo exclusive, which may make its way to Switch soon, is filled with all of the things that make an adventure game fun; expansive dungeons, dangerous enemies, tricky puzzles, and…sneaky cats?

A Reddit post made by user ZeldaNAD has been making the rounds as it shows off a screenshot of King Dodongo after he is taken down by Link. The image shows the Infernal Dinosaur sinking into the lava. Many players have seen this exact moment as they have played through the game, but this Reddit user noticed something that may make you look at the scene differently. King Dodongo’s feet bear a striking resemblance to sneaky cats as they peek out over the lava.

Those are totally sneaky little cats attached to that dinosaur’s legs. Even the pixelation on the feet give the illusion of eyes as the felines judge you for the terrible deeds you have done, just like real cats.

Needless to say, people in the comments are having fun with the thought of those sneaky cats at the end of Dodongo’s legs. The consensus being that the game is now ruined because once you see the cats you can never ‘unsee’ them. Although, some aren’t seeing cats and instead feel that the good old King is throwing up devil horns. This one does make sense, I mean he does love to (eat) rock!

Other people in the comments aren’t even paying attention to Dodongo or what’s on the end of his legs. Instead, they are too preoccupied with the fact that it is an adult Link that has taken down the King. Dodongo is the second major boss you face as a prepubescent Link. Plus, the Link in the image also carries a blue mirror shield, the best shield in the series. Of course, the likely reason for adult Link is this was done on some form of modified run through of the game. Still doesn’t change the fact that King Dodongo was hiding felines on his feet this whole time.

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