"King Of Kong" Billy Mitchell Claims His Doctor Won’t See Him Due To Donkey Kong Cheating Allegations

Billy Mitchell, who has had his world-famous Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr world records taken away and reinstated several times over the past few years due to accusations of cheating, says that his doctor refuses to see him due to the allegations.

For those who aren't aware, Billy Mitchell is a record-holding gamer who is most well-known for his high scores in Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Donkey Kong Jr. Those last two, which Mitchell broke the record for back in 2010, have caused controversy over the years after scorekeeping platform Twin Galaxies accused Mitchell of cheating, claiming that he used a popular emulator to get the scores and that it could be proven by the difference in screen transitions between the two versions.

Since then, Mitchell has had his Guinness World Records taken away and then reinstated a few years later. Although that might seem like the end of it, Twin Galaxies refused to reinstate the records, leading Mitchell to sue them in a case that is still ongoing in 2022. As reported by Kotaku, Mitchell recently submitted his testimony to the court and is trying to prove damages against him, leading to him claiming that his doctor refuses to see him anymore because of the allegations.

The legal document says, "After Twin Galaxies’ defamatory statements of April 12, 2018, one of Responding Party’s doctors, Dr. Stanley Skopit, refused to see Responding Party after Responding Party appeared for an annual examination. After Responding Party questioned the assistant as to why Dr. Skopit, who Responding Party had been seeing for over 30 years, refused to see him, the assistant informed Responding Party that Dr. Skopit read the allegations from Twin Galaxies.”

According to Kotaku, Mitchell continues to make claims in the document that he suffered emotional distress over the coverage of the accusations through social media and on TV, which resulted in him getting a hernia and an atrial fibrillation. Kotaku reached out to Mitchell's doctor, but hasn't received any response as of yet.

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