Kirby and the Forgotten Land: All Waddle Dee Town Activities, Ranked

Throughout most of your time in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, you will be platforming through a variety of gorgeous levels in a post-apocalyptic world. That can be pretty exhausting after a while, so it's a good idea to relax in the game's main hub area, Waddle Dee Town, whenever you can.

This constantly expanding community is populated with the Waddle Dees Kirby saves while exploring the main game. Each time Kirby saves a set amount of Waddle Dees, the town unlocks new activities and mini-games for him to interact with. Some will be essential to Kirby's success, while others are only fun to interact with a few times.

11 Waddle Dee-liveries

Does anyone enjoy a trip to the post office? Waddle Dee-liveries opens relatively early in the game and allows Kirby to enter present codes in exchange for Star Coins and other rewards.

You can get some helpful items through this service, but finding the present codes can be rather difficult, and there aren't many to find anyway. It's easy to earn currency from playing mini-games or the main adventure, so Waddle Dee-liveries is easily the most skippable location in town.

10 Waddle Dee Cinema

The Waddle Dee Cinema is another one of the first buildings you will see in the game. Entertainment is an important foundation for any community, and having a local theater is a great place to start.

Unfortunately, the cinema has a very small selection of films to watch. You can rewatch any unlocked cutscenes or the credits, but those are the only options. These moments are animated incredibly well and are fun to watch the first time, but they are not worth revisiting over and over again.

9 Waddle Live! Corner Stage

As Waddle Dee Town nears completion, one of the final areas to open will also be vital for bringing this society together: Live music!

The four-piece Waddle Dee band will play any song from the game and perform it while you continue to explore the town. All the music in Kirby and the Forgotten Land is phenomenal, but it would be nice if you could ask the band to shuffle their setlist instead of only hearing one song at a time.

8 Game Parlor

Waddle Dee Town is more than just stores and culture, it's also full of fun mini-games for Kirby to play. The Game Parlor contains one of them, but it's easily the least interesting and rewarding.

Tilt-and-Roll Kirby is fun at first, but it requires you to use the gyroscope in your controller to maneuver a ball through a maze. The motion controls often feel oversensitive, and the reward for completing one of the three available mazes is not worth the struggle.

7 Kirby's House

There is no place like home, and Kirby's House is the perfect place to reflect on past adventures and rest before your next one.

While there is not really that much to do here, it is nice that you can customize your shelf with your favorite figures and regain health for free before heading back to the Forgotten Land. You can also skim through a small book about previous Kirby games, and hang photographs on the wall as you reach certain milestones.

6 Gotcha Machine Alley

If you're looking to round out your collection of figurines, the Gotcha Machine Alley can be really helpful. For only a few of your Star Coins, you can receive a random figure of an enemy, friend, location, or item.

After spending your Star Coins on the essentials in town, it's hard to avoid a trip down Gotcha Machine Alley. Anybody aiming to achieve 100% completion of the game will need at least one of each figure, and spending coins here will be essential to reach that goal.

5 Waddle Dee's Item Shop

One of the newest features in Forgotten Land is Kirby's ability to bring an item with him on his adventures. By simply holding the X button at any time, Kirby can either heal himself or use one of the items from this store.

Waddle Dee's Item Shop offers three different power-ups that can each be used strategically to help make Kirby's adventure easier. Two of the items offer stat boosts: one for attack and one for speed. The last item costs a whooping 300 Star Coins but will double Kirby's life bar until the next game over screen.

4 Waddle Dee Café

Waddle Dee Café is one of the first buildings that will open up in Waddle Dee Town, and it's also one of the most reliable stops for Kirby. What helps it stand above other locations is that it can be used to aid your adventure, and is also the home of one of the title's best mini-games.

Kirby can purchase food at the café that can be eaten at any point during his adventure or at a table on the roof of the restaurant (though laying in the bed in Kirby's House will heal you for free.) Kirby can also work at the café to make some extra bucks and help feed the hungry Waddle Dees. Kirby must correctly serve them their desired dish within a time limit to set a high score. It's fun and quick to play and will help Kirby earn enough money for his next figure.

3 Fishing Pond

Star Coins are the main form of currency in Waddle Dee Town, and it's easy to spend all of your hard-earned money in one visit. Between purchasing new powers and buying new figures from Gotcha Machine Alley, you may find yourself too broke to afford the next available upgrade.

The Fishing Pond provides both a relaxing mini-game and an easy way to earn Star Coins. Its premise is simple: throw a lure into the water, and press buttons as prompted by the game. The more fish you catch in succession, the more money you make! The Fishing Pond is not nearly as fast-paced as the gig at the café, but Kirby deserves some downtime after all of his hard work.

2 Colosseum

Completing Kirby and the Forgotten Land is not easy. The main campaign is not nearly as difficult as Metroid Dread or even Super Mario Odyssey, but there are plenty of challenges that Kirby can tackle and master whenever he wants. Treasure Road stages allow you to assess your knowledge of an ability's powers, but the Colosseum is truly the ultimate test.

Kirby will have to face off against several bosses in a row with minimal healing items and abilities between rounds. A few of the bosses are easy to defeat without taking a hit, but trying to survive back-to-back matches against Clawroline and Gorimondo will demand your full attention and understanding of all of Kirby's abilities. There are three cups total for you to challenge, and the rewards for clearing each one are remarkable.

1 Waddle Dee's Weapon Shop

Starting with Kirby's Adventure for the NES, the pink hero has become famous for his power to steal an enemy's ability by simply eating them. This mechanic helped the series stand out from other platformers and has been a staple in every entry since. While some games have allowed you to combine multiple powers to create new ones, the way Kirby's skills evolve in Forgotten Land is slightly different. At Waddle Dee's Weapon Shop, Kirby can hand in lost Blueprints to evolve a base skill into a stronger version with new moves.

Swinging by the Weapon Shop will be essential for Kirby's success. While the series is known for being one of Nintendo's easier platformers, the endgame is full of tough bosses and brutal challenges. It's very exciting to see the new outfits Kirby gets alongside the powers, and you can also practice your new attacks on the mysterious Mr. Sandbag hiding in the backroom.

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