Kirby And The Forgotten Land – Every Copy Ability And Blueprint Upgrade

One of the main staples of the Kirby series is the pink puffball's ability to absorb and enemy and copy their abilities and that's no different in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

This time around, not only does Kirby have a collection of 12 different Copy Abilities, but you can also find Blueprint Upgrades that modify the abilities slightly and make them stronger. This guide will show you every copy ability and blueprint upgrade in the game and what they do, but we'll also have a separate guide for where to find each of the blueprint upgrades.

Every Copy Ability And Blueprint Upgrade In Kirby And The Forgotten Land


The Ranger gives Kirby a gun and lets him shoot enemies from far away. Holding down the attack button will let you charge a shot that deal more damage and lets you properly aim.

Noble Ranger

The Noble Ranger is the first upgrade for the Ranger. It turns the rifle Kirby was using into two dual pistols that fire faster. It’s not much stronger, but it’s more useful thanks to the increased speed.

Space Ranger

Space Ranger is the final upgrade for the Ranger. It’s as fast as the original gun, but it now deals much more damage and a charged shot will act like an electric blast that continually deals damage.


This classic Kirby Copy Ability gives Kirby a big hammer that he can swing on the ground or in the air for a circular attack. Charging it will deal a much more powerful blow.

Toy Hammer

The Toy Hammer is the second upgrade for the Hammer and is a little more powerful than the original. You can rapidly attack with it by continuing to press the B button after each blow.

Wild Hammer

The Wild Hammer is the third upgrade for the Hammer. It’s a lot slower than the original and Toy variant, but it’s much more powerful and can be charged for an incredibly powerful attack.

Masked Hammer

The Masked Hammer is the strongest variant of the Hammer and is based on Feral King Dedede’s dual-wielding ability. It can be slammed on the ground to create fire whirlwinds. Charging it will spin Kirby around like a tornado and deal massive damage.


Crash lets you create a massive explosion that takes out every enemy in the vicinity with just one hit. It’s very rare and can only be used once, so if you're struggling with a specific enemy or boss, try bringing Crash in to even the odds.

Time Crash

Time Crash can also only be used once, but can affect as many enemies as you can run into in the short window upon activation. It’s again very situational, but a definite upgrade over the original.


Another Kirby classic, this move lets you breathe fire a short distance away from you. You can also attack in the air to turn into a fast-moving fireball.

Volcano Fire

This upgraded version of Fire lets you breathe volcanic fire that reaches further, fires quicker, and deals more damage. It’s as simple as that!

Dragon Fire

Now this is a real fireball. Not only does is this fire faster, but it reaches much further than the original. Using it in the air will also let you fly like a dragon for a short while.


This Copy Ability lets Kirby chuck out sharp daggers that act like boomerangs and come back to the player. Holding the button while the cutter is in motion will let it stick there and create a shockwave.

Chakram Cutter

Harness your inner Axel with the Chakram Cutter. This lets you dual-wield the cutters and chuck out more of them at once, essentially creating a semi-circle around Kirby of bladed damage. This is a great early-game ability.

Buzzsaw Cutter

The final evolution of the Cutter, the Buzzsaw Cutter shoots much bigger projectiles that can not only reach further but also ricochet off walls.


Arguably one of the most reliable Kirby Copy Abilities of all time, the Sword lets Kirby attack in a three-hit combo, spin with a charged attack, and slash in a circle in the air.

Gigant Sword

As the name implies, this Sword upgrade makes the sword much much bigger and more hard hitting. Not only that, but it’ll replace your dodge move with a shield that can block almost anything.

Meta Knight Sword

Best Copy Ability in the game? Best Copy Ability in the game. This lets you replicate all of Meta Knights's moves, including shooting out shockwaves, slide-kick stabbing, and a multi-hit attack in the air that is almost unbeatable.

Morpho Knight Sword

The final Copy Ability you’ll unlock in the game, Morpho Knight is very similar to Meta Knight but with a faster attack speed and fiery attacks whenever you hit something. It’s another very powerful Copy Ability and well worth the effort.


As the name implies, this Copy Ability lets you chuck out bombs that’ll explode when they hit enemies. Doing so while moving will roll the bomb, but holding the button down will let Kirby aim where he’s about to throw.

Chain Bomb

This is a very interesting upgrade. This turns the bombs into green plasma bombs that will connect to one another and become more powerful the more you have linked up at once.

Homing Bomb

This Copy Ability does all the work for you! Throwing it will activate a sensor that homes into the nearest enemy. It’ll also chain together just like the Chain Bomb, essentially making that one redundant.


This fairly recent Kirby Copy Ability lets Kirby turn into a fast-moving tornado that rushed around the map, gathering up enemies that can be shot out for extra damage.

Fleur Tornado

The Fleur Tornado increases the power of the original Tornado and seems to drag in a few more enemies to shoot out. It’s a bit of a pointless upgrade, to be completely honest.

Storm Tornado

This is more like it. The Storm Tornado is much more powerful than the original and will also deal lightning damage when you push the attack button again.


A brand new copy ability for the Forgotten Land, the Drill lets Kirby dig into the ground and create shockwaves by circling around enemies. It’s also used quite a lot for puzzles in the world.

Pencil Drill

The Pencil Drill is very similar to the original Drill, but will now shoot out a pencil when you fly out of the ground. It’s also one of the coolest-looking abilities in the game.

Twin Drill

This Drill adds another weapon to Kirby’s hat, making it attack much faster and dealing much more damage. Your speed when underground is also further increased, making it the ideal choice.


This classic joke Copy Ability is the only one in the game that doesn’t have any upgrades. When you absorb a Noddy, you’ll fall asleep and regain some health. It’s helpful in the late-game gauntlets, at least.


Needle lets Kirby turn into a spiky ball that rolls around gathering up enemies and gaining speed. Letting go of the button will shoot the enemies and items you’ve collected out.

Clutter Needle

The Clutter Needle is another upgrade that’s pretty similar to the original, although this one will now send off a group of items in different directions when you use it.

Crystal Needle

And the award for best-looking Copy Ability goes to the Crystal Needle! This upgrade makes the Needle last longer, as well as shooting off crystals in front of Kirby when you let go of the button.


Ice lets you freeze enemies and push them to turn them into projectiles, but it also lets you skate and jump with increased speed, as well as walk on fire and lava. Pushing the button rapidly will also create a little ice barrier over Kirby that makes him move faster.

Frosty Ice

This upgrade lets you create little Frosty snowmen that can be pushed as projectiles, essentially removing the need to freeze enemies beforehand.

Blizzard Ice

The final upgrade for Ice lets you create massive icicles that act as projectiles without needing to be built up. Keep the button held and you’ll create massive crystals that can be pushed. Pressing the button rapidly will turn Kirby into a massive spiky ice ball.

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