Klonoa: Door To Phantomile – Every Vision 2 Collectible

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  • Vision 2-1: Forlock, The Tree Village
  • Vision 2-1: Where To Find All The Phantomilians
  • Vision 2-1: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs
  • Vision 2-1: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones
  • Vision 2-2: The Kingdom Of Jugpot
  • Vision 2-2 Where To Find All The Phantomilians
  • Vision 2-2: Where To Find The Ngapoko Egg
  • Vision 2-2: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

Continuing along in our quest through Klonoa: Door To Phantomile, we have reached the game's second vision. Here the player will be contending with some new enemy types, such as the Monkey Moos, while contending with new hazards, such as a plunge down a watery rapid. And all the while they will be attempting to free all those captive Phantomilians!

Vision 2-1: Where To Find All The Ngapoko Eggs

The first Ngapoko Egg is on the main path and has a few Dream Stones inside. The second egg is located after the first leaf platforming section and contains a Phantomilian (there are a bunch of Phantomilians hiding in eggs in this stage). The third Ngapoko egg contains another Phantomilian and is found on the side route just before you reach the first locked door (throw the helicopter-like Teton at the egg to burst it).

As you continue forward on the main path, you will find two Ngapoko Eggs hovering in mid-air in the background. Toss some enemies at them to claim a health powerup and a Phantomilian. The next Ngapoko Egg will contain the key for the door that you need to progress.

Finally, in the last section there will be a hidden Ngapoko Egg hovering above the shield moos. This egg has Dream Stones inside of it. There will be another Ngapoko Egg underneath that same platform that holds another Phantomilian (just throw an enemy at it to burst the egg).

Vision 2-1: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

There are only really three sections you need to worry about when trying to collect all the Dream Stones. At the end of the first section of this stage, you will see a Giant Moo standing next to a Mirror Spirit. You want to knock this giant down with your Wind Ring, hop on its back, get the Mirror Spirit, then collect the Dream stones to the right. As you do so, you will grab the nearby enemy, throw them at the downed Giant Moo, and collect the Dream Stones they drop as well (all before the Mirror Spirit's effects run out).

When you enter the room with the first key door. You will need to hop up using the ricocheting bug to get up to the monkey swinging around high up above. Then, quickly grab the monkey and jump again to get the Dream Stones dangling above. If you fail to get all the Dream Stones, leave the area and come back again: the monkey will respawn.

The final Mirror Spirit in this stage is designed to make you sad. Not only is your time-limited, but they put an enemy in your path who has a projectile. So, do your best, but prepare to possibly repeat this section more than once. Thankfully, you do have more than enough time to collect all the Dream Stones if you can successfully evade (and then grab) the enemy.

Vision 2-2: The Kingdom Of Jugpot

Ironically, after just cracking open a dozen eggs in 2-1, you are going to barely touch one here. However, instead, you will be racing down rapids, and climbing on the back of giant moos. The Kingdom Of Jugpot doesn't need no stinkin' eggs!

Vision 2-2 Where To Find All The Phantomilians

The first Phantomilian (1/6) is high up on a ledge, just above the first checkpoint. Grab the moo off of the moving pot, get on top of the pot, and the use the moo to jump upward. You will easily be able to make it to the ledge.

The next Phantomilian (2/6) is sitting on the lowest platform in front of the waterfall section (still in the first segment of the stage). However, there is a moo blocking your way, so you can't just jump down without taking damage. So, grab the moo to your left, and use it to do a boosted jump. This will throw it down below you, taking out that enemy that was in your way. Now just jump down and free the Phantomilian!

In the next section of the stage, you will enter into a cave. The Phantomilian will be in plain sight, but on the other side of a wall. Just travel downward, snatch up the moo on the pot, use the pot get up on the ledge to your left, and use the moo you are still holding to do a boosted jump up to where the next Phantomilian (3/6) is. Once you get to the exit of the cave, you will see the next Phantomilian down below. Leave, the cave, drop down below (taking out the moo guarding the ledge with a boosted jump), and enter into the next cave in order to get this Phantomilian (4/6).

You will move through a section of the stage without encountering another Phantomilian. However, in the cave section that follows that segment, there will be a Phantomilian sitting on the other end of a side room. In this cave segment, just move to the left, hop onto the pot, and it take you to the Phantomilian (5/6).

Finally, you will travel down river, which will swiftly drop you in the lap of a giant moo. Bring the moo to its knees, grab another nearby enemy, jump on the giants back, and do a boosted jump to get to a platform above. Now you can grab the final Phantomilian (6/6).

Vision 2-2: Where To Find The Ngapoko Egg

There is only a single Ngapoko Eggs in this stage. It is located in the last cave section. You will see a line of diamonds with a suspicious gap in the middle. That gap is where the egg is. The lone egg contains a health item.

Vision 2-2: How to Get All 150 Dream Stones

The Dream Stones aren't particularly difficult to obtain (with one exception that we will cover later). The first Mirror Spirit you will encounter comes in the section that follows the first cave segment. The only thing you need to keep in mind here is that you should activate the Mirror Spirit with a boost jump (that you use to claim the first Dream Stone). From there, grab the Dream Stones by hopping over the obstacles. You actually have a ton of time here.

The next area that may cause issues with the rapids section. Once you hit the rapids they will propel you forward at a pretty fast speed. However, you can hold back and slow things down considerably. If you do that, none of the Dream Stones should be hard to obtain.

The final rapids section is where things can get a little brutal. You will need to grab an enemy at the very end, and perform a boosted jump so that you can claim the high-up Dream Stones. This is at the very end of the stage. So, if you miss them, you may just want to intentionally die to the nearby spike enemies so that you can repeat this final section. Good luck to you, this last part is a bit tricky.

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