Konosuba Season 2 English Dub Coming Next Week

It’s time to gather your party, anime fans, because Konosuba is getting an English dub for its second season very soon. Crunchyroll announced the dub as part of their Anime Awards.

Konosuba is a comedy anime series that pokes fun at common fantasy and anime tropes with abandon, and it’s garnered quite a following worldwide. It’s part of the isekai genre, along with hit shows like Sword Art Online, where protagonists become trapped in parallel fantasy universes. The genre has become so popular over the years that it’s become the stuff of power-fantasy cliche, which is why Konosuba takes great care in making fun of it.

The dub comes to the service on February 25. Rumors have swirled about a third season for the series since the second season aired in 2017, but nothing has been announced yet. A movie based on Volume 5 of the light novel series came out in 2019, titled Legend of Crimson, with select showings outside of Japan.

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