Kratos from God Of War is coming to Fortnite Season 5, new game reveal imminent?

Kratos seems set to be amongst the next wave of hunters in Fortnite, so does that mean a proper announcement for God Of War 2 is coming?

The new season of Fortnite only started yesterday and yet already Epic Games are dropping hints about who the next ‘hunter’ character is… and it’s not for the predator, Lobo, or any of the other fan guesses.

Sony released an audio log from the character Jonesy, who describes someone who has, ‘literally vanquished multiple gods with his bare hands in a fit of uncontrollable rage’.

That could probably describe quite a few fictional characters but the most obvious one, especially since it’s a tweet from Sony, is Kratos from God Of War.

And then dataminers spoiled all the speculation by posting pictures of… Kratos from God Of War. (At first we thought he was meant to be the version from the PlayStation 2 games, but it’s just the Fortnite art style making him look younger.)

Kratos’ inclusion raises several points, the first of which is that if Kratos counts as a ‘hunter’ then clearly the other Seasons 5 additions don’t have to be limited to bounty hunters or anything more specific than ‘people that fight’.

More interestingly, you’d assume that Kratos will be exclusive to the PlayStation version of Fortnite. So does that mean there’ll be platform-specific equivalents for the other versions? Maybe Samus Aran for the Switch and someone from Gears or Halo for Xbox? And what about the Android and PC versions?

It also raises the question of why Kratos? Or at least why now? Usually licensed characters are only added to Fortnite when they have something to sell – like celebs appearing on a chat show – but up till now there’s been no indication that the new God Of War is imminent.

The teaser announcement back in September didn’t even confirm the name but with The Game Awards due to take place next week, which is often used to showcase upcoming games, might this mean that God Of War will be one of the games Sony will be showing off?

It does suddenly seem quite likely, and maybe if that Samus Aran speculation is true for the Switch perhaps Metroid Prime 4 too? Although that may be getting a bit carried away…

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