Latest Starfield Concept Art Shows Off Its Crystal Caves

Starfield is still almost a year away, but that hasn’t stopped Bethesda from keeping its game front of mind by releasing several teasers over the past few weeks.

Our first teaser comes from just a few days ago. This piece of concept art shows an intrepid explorer diving into a crystal-filled cave. Could these crystals be some sort of valuable mineral that powers Starfield’s spaceships? Or is it just a bunch of diamonds that can be taken to forge into futuristic jewelry? Mysteries abound.

The second teaser comes from just before Christmas where Bethesda showcased a lush jungle filled with alien flora. Giant ferns, huge palms, hanging vines, and some sort of enormous sundew plant surround an explorer who’s wisely remaining inside their spacesuit.

And finally, we have a special holiday message from Bethesda head Todd Howard who expresses his well-wishes as he looks forward to Starfield’s debut. "We want to thank you for becoming part of Constellation, the team has made such great progress on Starfield this year, we can't wait to show it to you next year."

There have been a lot of words about Starfield, but precious few images and even less video. That'll surely change as we head into next year and approach Starfield's November 11 release date. There will be plenty of games to play in the meantime, especially come February.

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