Leaked Destiny 2 Cutscene Reveals Return Of Fan-Favorite Character To End The Season

Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder is set to come to a close in the coming weeks, with Season of [REDACTED] taking its place on December 6. However, fans can get a preview of how the current Destiny 2 season will end courtesy of a leaked cutscene. If you want to remain unspoiled, best not to click the video below.

The entire cutscene is narrated by Saint-14, who describes how the Guardians help rebuild the Eliksni quarter for the end-of-season quest. He also notes how Mithrax was able to convert the essence of Nezarec, an evil dead guy who’s described in several Destiny 2 Exotics, into a potion that could revive Osiris from his coma. If you’ll recall, Osiris was possessed by Savathun in the season prior to The Witch Queen’s arrival, and her exorcism left Osiris comatose for months.

Osiris then helps to set up the narrative that will be coming in Lightfall, with the return of Calus as another of the Witness’s disciples. He also describes Neptune, the setting of Lightfall where Guardians will team up with the Cloudstriders to beat back the forces of Darkness.

And in a touching moment with his lover, Saint-14 removes his helmet on camera for the very first time. Robot love is truly the truest kind of love.

Although this cutscene has leaked several weeks early, Destiny 2 fans have known about the end-of-season quest for months thanks to datamined materials confirming its existence. The ability for players to datamine updates has made it exceptionally difficult for Bungie to surprise Destiny 2's playerbase, but the recent Telesto event has proven that Bungie can still keep things secret when it really wants to. Telesto's mayhem has largely been subdued thanks to the heroic efforts of Bungie, leaving Guardians with an upgraded Telesto and some cool merch available too.

The most recent This Week At Bungie has also described a Crucible revamp is in the works for Season 19, and this week is Trans Awareness Week where you can download a cool emblem for free. Trans colors really do work well with the Bungie logo, I've gotta say.

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