Leaked Fall Guys Skins Include 2B, Bomberman, And Tron

Season 4 of Fall Guys may have just begun, but rumors are already swirling about the next update. An apparent leak of the skins released with Fall Guys midseason update, season 4.5, has made its way online. The leak shows off several of the skins coming to the game, including characters from Tron and Tron Legacy, Bomberman, 2B from Nier Automata, and more.

A video posted to Youtube cycles through the alleged leaked skins. In the video, a few of the skins seem to revolve around archaeology or adventure. There are skins that come with backpacks labeled “Archaeological Expert” and others in safari hats called “Dauntless Discoverer.” There is also a pink creature costume called “Axolotl.” There are also several Pirate-themed skins shown like a “Fruit Flotilla” that comes with its own parrot, a “Lemon Lookout” with its own eyepatch and striped trousers, and a “Pear Privateer” that is sitting in its own Pirate ship.

Most notable from the video are the skins that are labeled as “Placeholder”. These include four skins inspired by the Tron series. The first two seem to be fashioned after 2010’s sleeker Tron Legacy film while the second two harken back to the original red and blue from the 80’s sci-fi classic. A surprising crossover comes from the skin for Nier Automata’s 2B that might be making its way into the game. The skin adorns the character in 2B’s iconic black dress and hairstyle. It also showcases the black blindfold seen around the character’s eyes.

Finally, a Bomberman skin is highlighted in the video. This skin places the character in the iconic costume of the retro hero including large round, pink hands and feet. It also includes the whit headpiece with pink-like fuse protruding from the top that makes Bomberman look like a bomb.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed for the upcoming season 4.5 of Fall Guys so it is possible none of these skins show up in the game. Unfortunately, even if these leaked skins turn out to be the real deal, Xbox and Nintendo Switch players won’t be able to enjoy them anytime soon. News broke earlier this week that the planned Xbox and Switch version of Fall Guys has been delayed indefinitely in order to ensure features of the game work properly.

Fall Guys is currently available on PS4 and PC.

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