Leaked Microsoft Press Briefing Explains Xbox Series S Storage Size

While the Xbox Series S is a fantastic deal, it does come with a small catch—the launch version of the console will only have 512GB of storage.

Of course, that’s somewhat disappointing, but given that the Series S is faster than the PS5 and is coming in at the unbelievably low price of $299, it’s hard to complain. Even with games taking up more space than ever, you’re still going to be able to fit at least two copies of Warzone on the console. Half-jokes aside, both versions of Xbox are screaming out of the gates with the best values you can find anywhere in gaming.

A leaked press briefing explains why the console is coming with less than 1TB of storage. It was to keep the overall price down. Head of platform engineering and hardware, Liz Hamren explained that,

“When we move to SSD technology we get much, much higher performance, but of course that higher performance comes at a higher cost. And, y’know more storage is always better, so we were trying to balance the storage drive size as well as cost and we landed on 512.”

Of course, Liz is aware that games will continue to increase in file size and that some developers are worried. Her team planned for this in advance by including external storage slots so that you can expand your memory if or when you need to as the cost of SSD storage goes down.

It’s hard to find fault with what Microsoft is doing here. With the economic impact of the pandemic, value is probably going to rule the day when the holidays roll around. There is some compromise here, but there will be hundreds of indie games available to you immediately that will easily fit on the Series S if you have Game Pass. Even if you upgrade your Series S in two or three years, you’ll have got far more than your money’s worth.

It’s also sufficient storage to hold two or three triple-A games if that’s what you want. Consider it a taste of what the Series X will give you. Given that information, we can’t say that having less storage is a deal-breaker. Nor can we say that it’s going to be that much of a disadvantage in the first year—game sizes don’t double over-night, after all.

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