Left 4 Dead 2 Sees Spike In Players Following Back 4 Blood Comparison Video

Coupled with Steam's Winter Sale, a recent video from Crowbcat appears to have given Left 4 Dead 2 a boost. In the past month, it's seen a seven percent rise in players, reaching a peak of 32,060.

The video in question is called 'Back 4 Blood proves Valve carried Left 4 Dead,' a scathing critique of Back 4 Blood, looking at what went wrong, how it compares to Left 4 Dead, and where Valve fit into the production and development of the original two games.

After a montage of Back 4 Blood bugs, AI being derpy, and general gameplay footage, Crowbcat cuts to Left 4 Dead on Steam. He presses play, boots up the developer commentary, and lets it speak for itself.

The first line talks about how the team recorded hundreds of death animations on a stage to create a natural feel as the zombies stumbled to the ground. While the developer recounts this, footage of Left 4 Dead is shown. Then it cuts to Back 4 Blood. This kind of comparison and insight into the difference in the two games' development makes up most of the video which runs at 26 minutes. It's currently at 2.6 million views and it seems to have left an impression, resonating with fans. You can watch it in full above.

Back 4 Blood has a low user score on Metacritic, sitting at a bang average of 5.1 out of ten. Many criticise it by saying it's a shallow Left 4 Dead, that it doesn't hold up to the first two games it's a spiritual successor of. But alongside negative reviews, it has also seen a drop in players. While Left 4 Dead 2 continues to go strong over a decade past its launch, Back 4 Blood lost over 4,000 players, dropping to a peak of 13,063.

Nonetheless, developer Turtle Rock has been adding highly requested features since its launch. One of which is offline progression, something that was absent meaning that you had to either partner with friends or random players to get unlockable cosmetics or cards in-game. It has also been played by over six million people across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, while it has favourable critic reviews with a 77 on Metacritic. What the future holds for Back 4 Blood is uncertain, but it's certainly a divisive game.

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