Lego Star Wars Fans Love The Skywalker Saga’s Mumble Mode

Lego Star Wars are split on the addition of a "Mumble Mode" to the upcoming Skywalker Saga.

If you've been playing the Lego games since the first Lego Star Wars, you'll remember that most of the licensed ones had no character dialogue, and instead featured mumbles and pantomimed actions. This was changed with Lego Batman 2, which featured voice actors for the first time, a trend that then continued for every other Lego release since.

Whether it's voice clips from whatever film the Lego game is based on or original voice acting, Lego fans have always been a bit split on the use of voices, arguing that it takes away from the visual humour and that the original Lego games didn't need to use them at all.

This seems to be the reason behind the Skywalker Saga's "Mumble Mode", which was shown off in the latest trailer for the game. Turning this mode on, which seems to be unlockable through Red Bricks, turns all character dialogue into mumbles and groans reminiscent of the original games.

The addition of Mumble Mode is clearly a move for the fans, who are pretty split on the addition. A loud majority are happily celebrating the inclusion as a nice callback to long-term fans, hitting Twitter with messages like "MUMBLE MODE LETS GOOOOOO", "YOOOO THE NEW LEGO STAR WARS GOT MFIN MUMBLE MODE LETS GOOOOO", and "The new Lego Star Wars game having a “mumble mode” has me cheering."

Although most fans seem happy with the inclusion, there are some who think it misses the point of what made the original Lego games so great, "I appreciate Lego Star Wars for adding a mumble mode but they kinda missed the point of what made it so memorable in the first place. It wasn't just characters mumbling, they used a lot of physical gags such as Darth Vader showing a family photo to prove he's Luke's father."

In other Lego Star Wars news, following the release of the latest trailer for the Skywalker Saga, it was reported that TT Games has a toxic workplace culture of crunch, sexism, and workplace bullying.

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