LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Challenges In Every Episode 9 Level

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The Rise of Skywalker is the last act of the Star Wars trilogy. Fittingly, it also acts as the finale to LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. The Emperor is back! Rey and her ragtag team need to return him to whence he came. And in the process, they need to complete some arbitrary challenges for the fun of it.

Shoot vehicles out of the sky, sneak past battalions of troops, and deal with that dastardly emperor once and for all. With every segment of this episode, the challenges will keep you on your feet. This guide is here to keep those feet on solid ground.

A Skip And A Jump

Challenge NameDescription
Lock OffAvoid being locked on 3 times in a row
Here Comes the BOOM!Take out 3 enemies with Proton Torpedoes or Rockets
Poe-etic FlyingActivate the Hyperdrive in time for all light speed jumps.

This isn’t a hard mission to accomplish all your goals in. Firstly, you are going to want to focus on dodging three enemy missiles in a row. This will complete the “Lock Off” challenge. Next, just lock on to three separate TIE Fighters and blow them out of the air with Proton Torpedoes. This will complete the “ Here Comes the BOOM!” challenge.

The final challenge simply requires completing the final QTE segment of the stage. Just hit the button when it pops up on the screen. It is the same button every time. This will complete the third and final challenge: “Poe-etic Flying”.

As for completing the True Jedi achievement, you will need to gather 100,000 studs. Even though that number sounds intimidating, it is actually pretty easy. Just make sure to shoot the obstacles as you encounter them instead of simply flying around them. You will easily accomplish this goal.

They Fly Now!

Challenge NameDescription
When Treadspeeders Fly!Destroy the airborne Treadspeeder
Never Underestimate a DroidHit a jet trooper with a powder canister as BB-8.
Teamwork!Shoot a Treadspeeder after making the driver dizzy with a powder canister.

The primary thrust of these challenges is that you are going to want to alternate between BB-8 and the rest of the crew. So, start by using BB-8 to hit the Treadspeeders with powder canisters. Once you get one stunned, and flailing their arms, switch to someone with a blaster and shoot them. That will complete the “Teamwork!” challenge. Next, continue shooting away until the Stormtroopers start using their jetpacks and flying. Once you see them taking to the sky, switch back to BB-8 again and hit ‘em with the ol’ powder canister. This will complete the “Never Underestimate a Droid” challenge.

The last of the challenges to complete is the “When Treadspeeders Fly!”. This is one that you will only have one shot at, so you are going to want to stay sharp. One of the Treadspeeders will come at you on the left. Once you do enough damage, the Stormtrooper driving it will get dizzy (a brief cutscene will emphasize this). This is your cue; he is about to run into a rock that is going to send him flying. Shoot him as he is airborne to complete the challenge.

The True Jedi achievement is a pretty low-stakes 30,000 studs. Just shoot rocks as you drive by them and you will easily hit this goal.

C-3P-Oh No!

Challenge NameDescription
Be Rey-ly Quiet Complete the level without being detected
New OrdersPeacefully clear the main courtyard of Stormtroopers without raising the alarm.
Right in the EyeDisable a UA-TT’s searchlight with a blaster.

In order to complete the “Be Rey-ly Quiet” challenge, you simply need to get from the beginning to the end without being discovered. You can use the handles on the walls to climb around sections of Stormtroopers. Just avoid their line of sight (which is very conveniently depicted as a cone in front of them) and use the multiple objects strewn about to hide behind.

If you are struggling with the stealth section, the easiest, and cheesiest, way to complete this challenge is to just come back in the free-play mode and use villain-class characters to casually walk through the entire stage. They can also interact with the villain-console to complete the next challenge for you.

In the courtyard, there is a villain terminal. Use a villain-class character, or a hero character wearing Stormtrooper armor, to interact with it. They will clear out the courtyard using the intercom and you will accomplish the “New Orders” challenge. Lastly, in the same courtyard, you can use a turret to shoot the UA-TT and shut down the searchlight. Doing this will complete the “Right in the Eye” challenge.

If you do not have anything to help increase the amount of studs you earn, this is easily the most brutal True Jedi achievement in the game. There really is no trick to it, you are going to have to break every last thing you see. Break every barricade and then build it back up again. Doing a pass through this stage where you fight the stormtroopers will help, as you will be able to get studs from the combo bonus. You will need 90,000 studs in total. This is possible while also stealthing, but it will be a touch tedious.

The Strength To Do It

Challenge NameDescription
Shocking!Activate the dangerous electrical hazards to hurt Kylo Ren.
Dark Lord of the SurfLure Kylo into the range of a crashing wave.
Golden Opportunity Find a route through the Death Star without opening any doors.

Every single one of the challenges for this mission will be accomplished in the last section. So, continue as you typically would up to that point. Then, in the final phase of the fight with Kylo, start by luring him into one of the waves (they are indicated by a glowy strip on the ground). It doesn’t matter if you get hit as well. Doing this will complete the “Dark Lord of the Surf” challenge. Next, switch to BB-8. Have him grapple one of the generators that are near Kylo. You will shock him. This will achieve the “Shocking!” challenge.

The final challenge requires that you come back in the free-play mode. Use a bounty hunter to shoot the gold part of the wall that is above the final set of doors. Then, grapple up and over the doors. This will complete the “Golden Opportunity” challenge.

The True Jedi achievement will require that you earn 75,000 studs. Unlike the previous mission, there is plenty of junk in this stage that is just loaded with studs. If you progress through the stage while pounding the force power button with Rey she will explode enough of it to easily obtain the necessary amount of studs.

Be With Me

Challenge NameDescription
Explo-SithUse the environment to defeat Sith Troopers
IncomingDon’t take any damage from the Sith TIE Fighters while riding Orbaks
ShrugDefeat the Knights of Ren as Ben Solo without dying.

In order to complete the first challenge, you only need to avoid dying using Kylo Ren. The Knights of Ren aren’t particularly difficult, so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Once you finish this section, you will complete the “Shrug” challenge. After that, you will transition to Finn, riding an Orbak. Just avoid any of the glowing red spots on the ground and you will easily avoid taking any damage. This challenge will be done in three parts; once you finish the final Orbak section, you will complete the “Incoming” challenge.

The last of the challenges will need to be completed in the free-play mode. Here you will need to use a scoundrel-type character to use their scoundrel shot on the generator at the first barricade you encounter. Once you do this, you will complete the “Explo-Sith” challenge.

The True Jedi achievement will require 75,000 studs. Thankfully, there is plenty of junk to destroy. One thing to keep in mind is that the Orbak section of the stage will let you backtrack. So, if you beat the boss, but you don’t have the 75,000 studs necessary, just backtrack and shoot junk until you are set.

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