Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Kyber Bricks Locations In Endor

The planet Endor, home to the Ewok Village, is an unlockable location in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. To reach Endor you need to progress far enough into Episode VI: The Return Of The Jedi.

Like every sandbox area in the game, Endor is stuffed with hidden collectibles in every corner. One of the most useful collectibles is the Kyber Bricks. These bricks allow you to upgrade your abilities. Lucky for you, Endor has a whopping 35 Kyber Bricks scattered around, and we have gathered all the locations for each of them.

How To Find And Reach Every Kyber Brick

Endor is structured a little differently from other maps since it's a village built on trees. Use characters that can grapple or glide to move around faster.

Kyber CometEndor Space – like every space area – will have a Kyber Comet in orbit. Simply fly to it and shoot it down for 5x Kyber Bricks.
Welcome To Ewok Village!Just right of the landing pad, you'll see a tree with a glowing blue crack in it. Switch to a scavenger character – like an Ewok – build a brick blaster and shoot the crack. The brick will be waiting inside.
Swing TimeThe next brick is on the far North-West tree. Run down the stairs until you come across some climbable vines. Swing between them until you reach the Kyber Brick.
Treasure Trove TrunkOn the North-West side of the map, there'll be a gap in between two trees. The Kyber Brick will be hovering in between the trees but it'll be inaccessible with a normal jump. Use the force to move a block close enough, then jump off of it to reach the net and climb to your brick.
E s'eesht EhdaThis brick is inside the engineer's hut. There'll be eight spider webs inside the hut; simply shoot them to unlock the brick. Look at the ceiling and top floor if you're having trouble.
Forest FlyingJust outside of the engineer's hut, you'll see a gliding spot with a Kyber Brick in mid-air. Switch to a scavenger to build a glider and reach the brick. You won't be able to adjust your height while gliding, so drop when you're gliding directly over the Kyber.
Throne AwayIn the village center, you'll find an Ewok hiding in one of the bigger huts. Talk to him through the door with either a protocol droid or another Ewok. He'll complain about a missing throne that is actually located on top of this hut. Grapple onto the ledge up top and push the throne down. Rebuild it, and voila!
Silver SecretsThis brick is located in another village center hut. You'll find a silver chest in one of them; simply switch to a villain character to throw a grenade and break the chest. The brick will be inside.
Yesh AargutchaInside Logray's hut, there'll be three levers you need to pull within the time limit. One of the levers is on the top floor but there are no ladders or blocks to reach it. Disassemble a protocol droid – like C-3PO – and then use the force to place them on the top floor.
Coro ThleekIn the central hut in the village center, you'll find another Kyber Brick locked inside a crate. The switch to open it is on the ceiling above. Use the force to stack three blocks on top of each other to reach it.
Coniferous ClimbOn the South-West side of the village center, you'll find a shaky bridge. Cross it to reach the tree on the other side. Grapple to the top using a hero, astromech, or bounty hunter character. Pull the lever at the top to open a door inside the tree with the Kyber within.
Ewok LockIn one of the village center huts, you should find an Ewok whose upset at her husband for running away with the key to their treasure chest. You can find her husband on the tree from 'Coniferous Climb'. Return to that tree, but this time use the platforms to go down. At the bottom, you'll find the husband with the key, but he's too scared to move. Use a Sith/Jedi to mind trick him and take control of him. Jump up the tree, through the retracting platforms. When you guide the Ewok back home he'll drop the keys and the chest is yours. Speak to the wife again for a hilarious cutscene.
Ewokesey PeasyIn the lower living quarters, you can find three structures with symbols on each that you can switch. You need to match these symbols to the symbols on the tree opposite. A door in the tree will open, revealing the brick.
Ewokesey As PieThis is a continuation of 'Ewokesey Peasy'. Grapple onto the tree from the last brick and climb around to the other side of the tree. You'll come across another door with symbols in front. Remember them and go back to the three structures to open this door.
Ewokesey When You Know HowThis is the last brick in the Ewokesey trilogy, except this locked door is located in the village center, behind the hut from 'Silver Secrets'. After you've found and looked at the symbols, you can simply slide down a zip-line to the three structures. You can find all of the symbols in the featured images.
EwokrabaticsOn the tree furthest South of the map, you'll find a platforming challenge. On the bottom floor, you can pull a lever to begin the 80-second timer for the challenge. Use a character that can grapple to make it up the tree faster. There'll be a new lever on every new floor of the tree. Pull all four levers to open the locked door and collect your Kyber Brick.
Totem TransportationThis next brick is inside the C-3PO shrine that the Ewoks have built in the droid's honor. The four C-3PO statues have been misplaced so you need to find them and use the force to put them in the correct positions. The first statue is in front of the shrine, it's just not in the correct position. You can find the second one to the three on the right. Speak to one of the Ewoks and they'll point you to where the statue has fallen over. The remaining two are on the tree to the left. Push the spinning lever to bring down the lift with another statue on. Use the lift to go back up the tree where you'll find the last statue.
Flower Fetcher'Flower Fetcher' is a side-quest that you can complete for Kyber Bricks. Speak to Chief Chirpa next to the C-3PO shrine and he'll ask you to retrieve flowers from Naboo, Takonda, and Yavin 4. To unlock this mission you need to have progressed far enough into Episode I and Episode VII. In Takonda, go to the South Waterfall and you'll find the flowers in a cave to the right. In Naboo, all of the flowers will be located on the pieces of land off the lakeside. In Yavin 4 look for the tall, towering plants in the ruined temples.
Deity DecorationAfter 'Flower Fetcher' go back to the shrine and one of the Ewoks will ask you to place the flower arrangement in a pattern. Use the force to hang up the flowers in an alternating pattern: orange, blue, orange, blue, etc.
Wings Of JunkThis is another Kyber Brick that's hovering mid-air in between trees. Find a platform high enough then use a scavenger's glider to reach it.
End HoardThe next Kyber will be inside the big hut on the North-East side of the map. There'll be a golden crate on the top floor. Simply switch to a bounty hunter and shoot the crate to break it.
Stable On TrunkThis Kyber is waiting at the very top of one of the central trees. Look up to see any ledges you can grapple onto, once you're at the top you simply need to walk on the plant to reach the brick.
Net ProfitOn the far Eastern tree, you can see tiles where nets should be. Use a scavenger's net launcher to create nets, climb up them and reach the brick.
Trunk TrialThe next brick is located at the South-East tree on the bottom floor. There'll be a locked door with a brick inside. To open the door, you need to pull the four levers around the house in the correct order. The levers have a different number of torches above them going from one to four. Naturally, pull the lever with one torch, then two, etc.
Pod RacerSpeak to Paploo in Endor to accept this mission. He'll ask you to collect speeder parts for pod racing from Bespin and Mos Espa. You'll need to progress far enough into the prequels to unlock this. In Bespin, some of the parts will be hidden in breakable Lego crates on the bottom left corner of the central plaza. The second speeder part will be on the bottom floor where a vendor will charge you 100,000 studs. In Mos Espa's residential quarters talk to a vendor who'll offer you a race around the town in exchange for the speeder parts. The second speeder parts in Mos Espa can be found by breaking Lego debris outside the pod racer hangars. Once you return to Paploo, he'll ask you to smuggle him into Mos Espa. You'll be interrupted by bounty hunters twice during the loading screen.
Window Of OpportunityThis brick is in the living quarters. Use the force to reattach a pole to one of the trees. Use it to swing onto the nearest vine and reach the brick.
Jiks CheesYou can find Chief Chirpa's hut in the living quarters. The brick in this hut is locked in a chest. Smash the Lego furniture to find the switch beneath one of them and unlock the chest.
Yup Yup JeerotaIn Teebo's Hut, you can find three switches on the ground to unlock a chest containing the Kyber. Disassemble a protocol droid to stand on all three.
Ewok InfiltrationTo the West of the living area, you'll find another tree with a Kyber Brick inside. Go around the tree, breaking all the Lego until you find a hole in the wall. Disassemble a protocol droid to fit through and grab the Kyber.
Bough BouncerOn the far Eastern tree, you'll find a drawbridge that hasn't been opened. There'll be several gears hidden behind vines around the tree. Use the force to move them next to the other gears, then pull the lever to get across the bridge. Once you're on the other side, go left to reach the Kyber Brick.
Cogs and LogsThis brick is on the same tree as the 'Bough Bouncer' brick. Simply go to the other side and jump on the zip-line.
Rebel NetworkTo collect this Kyber Brick, you need to find and rescue five rebels across the Ewok Village. You can hear them calling for help once you're close enough. One of them is just outside the Engineer's Hut; the second one is next to the C-3PO shrine; the third is on the tree just after the 'Cogs and Logs' zip-line; the next one is just in front of the landing pad. The last one is in the village center.
Tricky TargetsOn the central tree's bottom floor you can find four targets attached to neighboring trees. Shoot them all down to unlock this Kyber Brick.
Great Weight GateOn the North-West tree's bottom floor, you'll find a brick behind a gate. You need to use the force to move six tree trunks onto the platform in front to pull the gate open.

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