LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Minikits In Every Episode 7 Level

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The Force Awakens is one of the three starting points in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. And, like every other episode in this massive game, there is an impressive amount of collectibles for you to seek out. Join Rey as she wrestles with her grand destiny while also trying to collect some tricky Minikit pieces.

From the Minikit pieces hiding out in the trenches to the Minikit pieces locked away in password-protected crates, there are a few of these tricky collectibles that may stump you. Luckily for you, we have done all the necessary footwork and collected all the solutions to these little puzzles in one place.

First Order of Business

Shoot all the posters in the level in order to get the “Poster Boy” Minikit piece. You will need to explore the entire ship in order to get them all. There is one in the hanger, one in the break room, one in the shooting gallery (which is across from the break room), one in the northwest corner of the level, and one on the floor above the room where you shut the alarm off. These will all be easier to find if you have the collector detector ability leveled up.

Once you start the stage, backtrack and enter the northwest section of the map. There will be two rooms. Break everything in the room on your right to earn the “Anger Management” Minikit piece.

Enter into the southern section of the map and claim a password from the console using a protocol droid. In the next room, you can use the password to open up a little room that will contain a bunch of destructible junk. Break said junk and build a vehicle. Press the big red button and move to another part of the hanger that has an astromech console. Use an astromech droid to reveal the “Astro Physics” Minikit piece.

The remaining two Minikit pieces require that you have a Jedi character, so you will need to get them in the free-play mode. In the breakroom that you can follow the commander into, there is a little basketball net. Use a Jedi character to force lift one of the balls and drop it in the net to earn the “BB-Ball’ Minikit piece. In the hanger, use a Jedi to cut open the one crate that has a lightsaber-cuttable panel. You will receive the “Light Luggage” Minikit piece.

Low Flying Garbage

At the start of the mission, start looking for cylinders you can fly through. One of them will earn you the “Risky Maneuver” Minikit piece, the others will reward you with tons of studs. Win-win. Another cylinder, one that you need to shoot your way through, has the “Scrap Picker” Minikit inside.

While flying around, you will see four vehicles parked on the Star Destroyer. Shoot all four of these and you will earn the “Kick ‘Em While They’re Down!” Minikit piece.

Finally, once you have shot down enough TIE Fighters, you will be given the opportunity to shoot your way into the Star Destroyer itself. However, before you do that, shoot down all five of the ships that carry torpedoes. This will earn you the “Target Practice” Minikit piece. Lastly, once you fly into the Star Destroyer, keep to the center and look out for a Minikit, as you are going to need to fly into the “Scavengers Gonna Scavenge” Minikit piece.

Reap What You Solo

Right where you dropped the ceiling on the Rathtar’s head with Rey, there is a floor that will break once you step on it. Across from that floor is a silver door. Use a villain class character to blow that silver door up. The “Broken Floors And Silver Doors” Minikit piece is behind it.

In the same room where you can use Finn’s grappling hook to pull down the turret control mechanism, you will find a crate that requires a passcode. Input the green, purple, and yellow symbols in that order. The crate will open, revealing a golden ark. Use a bounty hunter to destroy it and claim the “Ryloth Ark” Minikit piece.

In the room with the turret, use the scoundrel shot on the objects above. It will get them moving. Once you do that, jump across from the vantage point. There will be a crate with the “Hanging Out” Minikit piece contained within. Use a villain-class character to destroy the crate and claim the piece.

When you are in the container room with Han Solo, keep opening containers until the top left one is opened. Use the forklift to climb up and claim the “Contain and Collect” Minikit piece. In the hanger bay, destroy the crate at the back of the room. A small, transparent box is behind it. There is a BB-8 sized hole in the box. Just roll BB-8 in and collect the “Tantalizingly Tiny Droid Door” Minikit piece.

Starkiller Queen

Just a little past the bridge with the snipers on it, you will find a set of doors with golden supports. Use a bounty hunter character to melt them. Then, you will see the “Always Recycle” Minikit in a canister. Use a Jedi to lift it and put it in the pit found in this stage. Then, use both characters to spin the levers, crushing the canister and freeing the Minikit piece.

Around the sniper’s bridge, you will find a set of doors that will open up to a staircase that will lead you to the bridge. As you are crossing the bridge you will see a Minikit hovering to the left. Don’t worry if you have blown the bridge up, you can make the jump across. Use a scavenger to shoot the net gun at the spaces underneath the Minikit piece. Now hop over to it and claim the “Rock Starkiller” Minikit piece.

This stage is essentially a big loop. You will encounter a door that needs to be cut through using a Jedi on that main loop. Once you do so, you will obtain the “Wall of Shame” Minikit piece.

Once you have taken Captain Phasma hostage, she will help you enter a room that has a model Death Star in it. Destroy the junk around the Death Star, and build an astromech console using the bricks. Interact with the console using an astromech droid and you will build a DJ booth. Now the model Death Star will open and reward you with the “You’re the Party Star!” Minikit piece.

On the southwest end of the map, there is a room that has a villain console next to it; open it with a villain-class character (or as a hero character wearing Stormtrooper armor) and you will enter the torture chamber. Here there is a crate that needs to be blown up with a villain character’s grenade. Doing so will earn you the “No More Restraints” Minikit piece.

Destroying Starkiller

For the “Starkiller Base Race” Minikit you simply need to destroy ten turrets. There are way more than ten, so this shouldn’t be too much of a struggle. Once you have taken out ten turrets, focus on flying dead center and close to the bottom of the trench. This will lead you directly to the “Trench Fun” Minikit piece.

Not far from where the TIE fighter crashed, the “Not-So-Hidden Package” is hidden on top of a snowbank. Once you climb up the TIE fighter wing, the snowbank will be on your left. If you aren’t looking up it can be easy to miss. Jump up and grab it.

Near the Minikit on the snowbank is one of those cracked doors. Switch to Rey and use her Breaker Blaster to crack it open and earn the “Cracked it” Minikit piece.

The last Minikit is only achievable in the free-play mode. In the arena where you fought the first phase of Kylo, there is a Minikit piece floating in the air with a bunch of boxes below it. You can use a Jedi to stack them and grab the floating “Stacked it” Minikit piece.

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