Life Is Strange: How To Get The Barn Bunker Code

The Life Is Strange games are most known for their difficult decisions and strong storytelling. But they have their fair share of puzzles too. In the fourth episode of the original game, you have to solve one of the trickiest.

While at a Prescott-owned barn, you’ll work tirelessly to open up a trap door. Yet, underneath, all you’ll find are a set of stairs and a more impenetrable door, which you need to open.

It’s doesn’t sound like the most complex puzzle of all time, but figuring out the code to open it can take some time. Luckily, this guide explains the two possible ways of doing so. The actual combination isn’t revealed until the end, in case you just want to know how to do it before completing it yourself.

Option One: Find The Code On Nathan’s Note

There’s a lot of well-hidden details to find throughout Life is Strange, but something no player can miss is Nathan’s important scrap of paper. You pick it up along with his phone partway through the episode. Then when you’re piecing things together on the big board in Chloe’s room, it’ll re-appear within Nathan’s set of clues.

At this point, you’ll notice that the paper has a bunch of number codes written on it. Initially, it seems that they relate to the phone puzzle that occurs during the same scene. However, none of them help with that. In fact, the only one that actually matters is the three-digit combination in the corner. This is because, as you’ve probably guessed, it’s the code you’re looking for to open the bunker in the barn.

If you’re already past that point, you can look at the note once again by going into the files section of your journal.

Option Two: Brute Force

Puzzle games can be good for your brain, thus brute-forcing their tests isn’t usually recommended. However, in this case, realizing that’s even an option takes a little brainpower. After all, how are you meant to brute-force a 3-digit code on a 10-digit keypad?

Well, if you look closely at said pad next to the door, you’ll notice that three of the buttons are faded slightly. This signifies that there have been used more often than the others.

It’s certainly a major design flaw for a high-security door, but it’s beneficial for you as there are only six combinations that use all three numbers. Therefore, try them all until you get the right one. And if the keypad ever locks you out, don’t worry, you can just rewind time.

The Bunker Code

The actual code for the door is 542. So, you can simply input that combination if you don’t feel like remembering bits of paper or trying a bunch of possible combinations.

Once you do, you’re able to experience the horrors of the Dark Room. Good Luck!

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