Listing For ‘New Nintendo Switch Pro’ Spotted On Amazon

At this point it seems almost undeniable that Nintendo will announce the Switch Pro during, or around the time of E3. After numerous reports that hinted at the reveal, a listing for ‘New Nintendo Switch Pro’ was spotted on Amazon Mexico.

The information came via a screenshot of Amazon Mexico that was tweeted by user @Alphabeat_g. While no other information about the product was mentioned on the listing page, Amazon did change the listing name to ‘Dummy ASIN’ after the screenshot started circulating. It now appears that the listing page has been taken down entirely.

While the Switch Pro rumours have been doing the rounds for a while, they reached their peak after a recent report by Bloomberg. It suggested that Nintendo intends to reveal the high end model of its handheld console at E3 2021 so that developers can show off their games as well as the console’s performance. Additionally the report claims that assembly of the new console will begin in July, and it could be on sale as soon as September.

Soon after this report, there was word about some of the features that the Switch Pro would boast. A peripheral manufacturer in Asia reportedly told Spanish website, Vandal, that the latest model of the Switch would include a wider base on its dock in order to accommodate two USB 3.0 ports, as well as an ethernet port. They also claimed that the Switch Pro would be built with an improved kick stand for tabletop gameplay. It would be a wide flap – like the kind found on the Microsoft Surface – rather than the flimsy thin one the current models have.

Additionally, the insider also claimed that the size of the console would remain roughly the same and that it would initially launch in Europe. A global launch would be difficult, given the difficulty in sourcing semiconductors at the moment.

Previous reports have suggested that the new Switch will come with a larger screen and smaller bezels. It will also incorporate Nvidia’s DLSS technology. Nintendo has remained completely silent throughout this period, refusing to comment on a new Switch model, or it’s increased manufacturing numbers.

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