Little Nightmares: Chapter 4 The Guest Area Complete Walkthrough

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  • Light Up Your Life
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  • Table Manners
  • A Run-In With An Old Friend
  • Escape The Hungry Horde Of Guests

Every chapter in Little Nightmares so far has been heavily stealth-and-puzzle-orientated. However, Chapter 4 will feel like you are doing a speedrun, as you barely catch a break. For this chapter, you will have to make your way through the Guest Area without being captured or eaten.

The chapter is extremely fast-paced and will require very quick reaction times. Some sections might take a few tries before you can progress further in the game. There are a lot of chase scenes wherein you will need to get your timing spot on. Because of the fast-paced nature of this chapter, it is much shorter than the previous three.

Light Up Your Life

After you drop onto the metal pipe, turn on your lighter and go through the small doorway behind you. In this room, you will find a lantern and a Nome you can hug. If you've followed our guides, you should get a notification to indicate that you have found enough lanterns and unlocked the Light Up Your Life achievement.

If this is not your last lantern, there are more lanterns hidden throughout the rest of the game that will allow you to unlock the Light Up Your Life achievement.

Once you have hugged the Nome, climb up the wooden box and go back through the small doorway. The pipe you are on will begin to shake. Sprint across the pipe until you reach the ladder on the other end and climb up. Do not let go of R2/Right Trigger while you are climbing, as your character will fall and die.

Once you climb through the hole, be careful not to move forward, as the camera pan can easily disorient you. Wait until you can see your character clearly. You will now be on the outside of the ship. Climb the chain directly in front of you by jumping and holding as you make your way to the top.

Once you climb through the hole, follow the pipe until you reach the vent. It is very easy to fall from the pipe, so try to stay steady. Once you go through the vent, you will be met with a 30-second-long loading screen.

Just Keep Running

Drop into the opening. Pull the bottom plank off that is blocking the tunnel before following along. You will reach another pipe that you will need to carefully walk across without falling. At the end of a pipe will be a wooden platform leading to an area where rows of guests are entering. Climb up the wall until you reach the small opening at the top.

Climb in and crouch down as you go to your right. There will be a small hole that you might not be able to spot. Go through the hole, and you will end up on the inside canopy.

Jump across to each of the lanterns hanging from the ceiling until you reach the other side.

There is a gap in the doors that you can squeeze through. It might be hard to spot without using your lighter. Sprint across the empty room while keeping your character in the foreground of the screen. You will enter another room where a man is eating alone at a table. Keep sprinting as you go through the gap in the door.

You will knock a bottle over as you squeeze through the gap, and this will alert the guest closest to you. He will knock over his table and chase you. Keep to the front of the screen and keep sprinting towards the end of the next room. Quickly climb up and enter the following room, then sprint until you reach a table with a tall stack of plates.

There will be two guests eating at the table. Climb the bench and jump up onto the table. Climb the stack of plates. Once you reach the top of the pile, quickly jump, and grab the hook attached to the lantern.

Hold onto the lantern and swing back and forth to gain momentum before jumping towards the hole to the next room.

Once you drop to the ground, sprint across the room to your right until you see a Nome. It will run behind a small stool at the end of the room. Move the stool by pulling it towards you, and you will find an opening in the wall. Go through the hole, and you will find a Nome you can hug. There is also another lantern here if you have not collected 20 at this point.

Table Manners

Go back through the hole and climb up onto the stool closest to the table where the guests are eating. Sprint across the table towards the left of your screen while evading the hands trying to grab you. Try to jump where possible to help avoid being grabbed. This may take multiple tries to complete successfully, as it is heavily dependent on your timing.

Once you reach the end of the table, climb onto the boxes, and jump across the gap above the opening. Climb up the wall and hold the right trigger so as not to fall. Once you reach the top, jump across the gap and onto the swinging tray. Jump across again and run towards the small stool near the gate.

Climb onto the stool and then jump over the gate. Sprint to the left of your screen while staying as close to the gate as possible. The guests at the table will begin to chase you. Keep sprinting into the next room.

Run up the platform and jump and hold onto the lantern to swing across and escape the horde chasing you.

Once you have made it across, climb down and sprint into the next room. You will have to be prepared to turn around as the guest at the far end of the table begins to chase you. Bait him by running back in the direction you came from.

Run underneath the shelf and immediately climb up on the boxes. The guest will ram into the small space and will be momentarily stuck. Quickly jump down onto his back. From here, try to jump and put as much distance between your character and the guest as possible. Immediately continue sprinting. The guest is very fast and will turn around and chase you.

If he seems to be catching up too quickly, jumping while you sprint will give you a great advantage.

A Run-In With An Old Friend

Once you make it through the hole, immediately run towards the screen. The elevator will be bringing one of the Chefs up, and he will catch you if you do not hide.

Go down the hallway and enter the room. There will be a small opening to the right of the screen. Crawl into the space and hide there. The Chef will come into the room and look for you. Wait there until he leaves the room.

As he leaves the room, the Chef will slam the door, causing a roll of toilet paper and a tin to fall. Pick up the tin and move closer to the mirror. Throw the tin at the mirror and climb through once it shatters. Climb up the gate behind the chair until you reach the top.

Go through the gate once you have exited the vent and carefully follow the pipe into the hole. Slow down as the camera angle changes, which can lead to your character’s death. Follow the pipe until you are back in the foyer. You will see a Geisha statue on the table below you. Drop onto the boxes and then climb down and smash the statue.

Next, sprint into the elevator. It will take you to the next floor.

Run left and go through the small opening in the doors. You will see one of the guests asleep in this room. Use your lighter and enter the room. There should be a Nome for you to hug standing next to the bucket on the ground.

Escape The Hungry Horde Of Guests

Go back the way you came and run across the hallway. Keep sprinting as the guests will chase you. The doors will open along the hallway as you pass them, and the guests will come after you. Try jumping near the last door, as it is a very narrow miss to get past the last group.

They will chase you into the next room. Jump onto the small step and then run under the table. Your character should automatically crouch down as you are moving forward. Jump into the foyer and then quickly turn and run forward towards the screen.

Run down the hallway to your right. The horde chasing you will cause the furniture to fall over. Be prepared to jump onto the cupboard that will fall in front of you. And then jump from the cupboard to the stool and climb up onto the table.

Keep sprinting across the table and jump occasionally to avoid being grabbed by the hands. Sprint until you see the end of the table and then jump and grab the lantern dangling off to the side. You will escape the guests and safely swing across to the other side.

There is another lantern that can be found in the far-right corner of the room if any are still missing. Squeeze through the gap and into the next room.

Your character will experience hunger pangs shortly after the Nome disappears off-screen. Continue walking until you reach the next room, where a Nome will be waiting for you with a sausage. Walk over to the Nome and your character will grab and eat the Nome instead of the sausage. This will unlock the Little Lost Things achievement, as this is the last Nome.

Climb the boxes to go through the hole and drop into the tunnel. Use your lighter and follow it until you reach a ladder. Climb the ladder and go through the vent. Instead of going right, turn back and go left instead. In the corner, you will find another Geisha statue.

After smashing the statue, go right and pick up the can near the shelf and carry it towards the elevator. Throw the can at the button and wait for the elevator to open before entering. This is the end of Chapter 4.

Upon completing the chapter, you should have 90 percent of your Geisha statues and 69 percent of your achievements unlocked, including the Light Up Your Life achievement and the Little Lost Things achievement.

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