Little Nightmares: Nome Location Guide

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  • Chapter 1: The Prison
  • Chapter 2: The Lair
  • Chapter 3: The Kitchen
  • Chapter 4: The Guest Area

Little Nightmares is a puzzle-platformer horror game that has three types of collectibles that can be found throughout each chapter. Once you have collected all of a certain type, you will unlock an achievement for each one. The three types of collectibles are Lanterns, Nomes, and Geisha statues.

This guide will focus on the Nomes. These are tiny creatures wearing white hats. You will see them randomly scuttling across your screen throughout the game, and they try to evade your character. There are a total of 13 Nomes that you need to hug, with the achievement for all 13 titled Little Lost Things.

Chapter 1: The Prison

The first Nome can be found after exiting the room with the man hanging from the ceiling. In the following room will be an old refrigerator. Open the door to the refrigerator and this will scare the Nome. It will then run towards the right of your screen and go through an opening in the wall. Follow the Nome through the tunnel. You will find the Nome waiting for you in a secret room. Grab the Nome to hug it. This should be the Right Trigger (RT) on Xbox, ZR on Nintendo Switch, or R2 on PlayStation.

The second Nome can be found in the room with the first light puzzle. Here you will have to climb to the top of the cages. Walk across the top row of cages to the right of your screen. You will see the Nome running into a hidden tunnel below you. Drop down and follow it through the tunnel into the secret room. It will be waiting for you in the corner of the room.

The third and final Nome for this chapter can be found in the office area once you shut the electricity off for the second time. Go through the gate into the next room. After lighting the lantern on the left of the room, you will see there is a Nome in the cage behind it. Open the cage. The Nome will run back to the room you just came from. Use your lighter and follow it. It will be hiding in the left corner of the room.

Chapter 2: The Lair

A total of three Nomes can be found in this chapter. The first Nome you can find immediately after beginning this chapter. Walk up the flight of stairs and into the office-like room. Push the chair onto the dirt-stained tile. A door should open to the right of your screen. Pull the door open all the way and enter the next room.

Here you will find a large desk in the middle of the room. Run behind the desk, and this should scare a Nome. It will run back into the room you just came from. It is quite dark in this area, so it will be extremely difficult to spot the Nome.

Follow it back the way you came, through the office area, and back to the flight of stairs you passed initially. If you successfully scared the Nome, it should be waiting for you at the bottom of the staircase. It will turn and run up the stairs once you reach it. Follow it to the top. It will stop in the corner to the next platform, where you will be able to hug it.

The next Nome can be found once the Janitor leaves after chasing you into the room with the lever. Insert the handle that you found on the ground into the mechanism on the wooden pillar. Once you turn the handle, it will trigger a trap door to open on the floor to your right. The noise will cause the Janitor to come back, so jump through the doorway as soon as it is open.

You will find yourself in a tunnel that you will need to follow until you reach a point where you can drop into a room with a suitcase. It is quite dark here, so use your lighter and move behind the suitcase.

There should be a ladder on the wall that will be a bit difficult to spot. Climb the ladder and once you reach the top, you should be able to spot your next Nome. As you move towards it, it will run away. Climb into the tunnel and follow it into the next room, where it will stop running. Hug the Nome.

The third Nome for this chapter can be found in the library. Once you enter the room filled with books, go to the back of the room, and you will see a large desk. Using your lighter, crawl underneath the desk, which should scare a Nome. It will run out and hide behind a stack of books near the entrance of the room. Follow the Nome and knock the stack of books over. You will now be able to hug it.

Chapter 3: The Kitchen

The next Nome can be found only after you have collected the key from the room containing the sleeping Chef. Once you drop the key at the bottom of the stairs, go back to the washroom you initially came through. In the far-left corner of the room, you will find a Nome waiting for you. It might be hard to spot it at first, so be sure to use your lighter. Go and hug the Nome. This is the first of the three Nomes for this chapter. By now, you should have hugged a total of seven Nomes.

Immediately after going up in the elevator with the key, you can find your next Nome. After dropping the key across near the vent on the right side of the hallway, enter the room on the left. There will be a brown jar on the ground that is shaking. Be quick for this next part as the Chef will come back as it will make noise to get to the Nome.

Try to grab the jar on your first try, as the shaking will make quite a ruckus. Throw the jar once you have grabbed it, and it should break, freeing the Nome. Quickly hug the Nome and sprint towards the shelf closest to the door and hide underneath until the Chef leaves the room.

The third Nome for Chapter 3 can be found after evading the Chefs for the second time. Using the key you collected in the Chef’s room, unlock the padlock, and go into the next room. Climb up onto the table once the door is opened. Then, climb up onto the box against the wall to climb through the vent. You will end up in a room with a large machine on top of a table. Using your lighter, go underneath the table, where you will find a Nome that you can hug.

Chapter 4: The Guest Area

There will be four Nomes that can be collected in this chapter. The first one can be found at the beginning of the chapter, immediately after you drop onto the metal pipe. Go through the small doorway behind you and turn on your lighter as it is quite dark. Here you will find your last lantern and a Nome you can hug.

The next Nome can be found after you have climbed the stack of plates and swung across the lantern to the next room. Keeping to your right, sprint across the room until you see a Nome. Move the stool at the end of the room by pulling it towards you after it runs behind the small stool. You will find an opening in the wall. Go through the hole, and you will find your next huggable Nome.

The third Nome for the chapter can be found after hiding from the Chef in the Guest Area once the elevator takes you to the next floor. There will be a door to your left that is slightly open. Enter the room with your lighter on. One of the guests will be asleep with a bucket standing next to them on the ground. The Nome will be standing next to the bucket.

The final Nome for this chapter and the game can be found after you escape the horde of Guests chasing you. Once you swing across the lantern and land safely on the other side.

After you enter the next room, you will see a Nome. It will run off-screen, which will trigger the hunger pangs sequence for Six. Keep going until you reach the next room, where you will find the Nome waiting for you with a sausage. Approach the Nome to take the sausage from it, and your character will grab and eat the Nome instead. You should now have unlocked the Little Lost Things achievement, as this is your last Nome.

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