Little Witch In The Woods: 10 Pro Tips

Little Witch in the Woods is all about exploration and experimentation. While the game does a great job of explaining the basics before setting you off on your witchy journey, other things might take more time to puzzle out. From potions to quests and beyond, there are plenty of game mechanics to juggle.

If you go into Little Witch in the Woods making assumptions based on your experience with other games, you might end up missing out on quite a lot. To avoid wasting any time, here are some useful tidbits of information to aid you in Ellie's quest to become the best witch apprentice.

10 Better Played On Controller

Remembering the keybinds can be tricky. There are few games out there that use Z to interact, or S to pull up your inventory. If you are struggling to get a grasp of the keyboard controls, the good news is that Little Witch in the Woods is controller compatible! The game feels much more intuitive when played on a controller, and you should pick up the new controls in no time.

9 You Have Two Days To Complete A Daily Delivery

Although it might technically be a "daily delivery" request, you actually have two days to turn in your deliveries to Diane or Aurea. This gives you plenty of time to harvest ingredients you might not have on hand and craft stacks of potions or candy. However, be sure not to miss the merchants' business hours window. Both Diane and Aurea typically disappear around 6 pm in-game time.

8 You Can Only Take One Delivery Request A Day

If you have already taken a delivery request from Aurea and visit her the very next day, you can view that day's delivery request. However, if you accept that day's request, the one you previously had active will be replaced.

Be sure to complete your current delivery for a merchant first before taking on a new one! Though you can't double up on deliveries from one merchant, you can work on a delivery for Diane and Aurea at the same time.

7 There Are No Repercussions For Not Sleeping

You can sleep in the bed in the witch's cottage once it gets dark, but unlike farming simulators like Stardew Valley, there is actually no punishment for staying out too late. If you are out and about with Ellie at night, once it hits midnight, you simply wake up in the cottage the next day. If anything, this means the only real reason to use the bed at all is if you need to accelerate to the next day.

6 Use Your Net For More Than Bugs

Getting creative with your tools is all in a day's work for an apprentice witch. You can acquire the net in the prologue for Little Witch in the Woods in order to catch your first Moonlight Butterfly. However, your net is good for more than just catching bugs! If you are stumped as to how you can harvest a certain plant or creature, why not experiment with your net?

5 You Can Catch More Than One Squishychub

You might have realized that if you stand very still, the Squishychubs will become curious and approach you on their own. Once they get close enough, you can pick one up and give it a big 'ol squish. The moment you do, all the Squishychubs panic and scurry back into their burrow.

What you might not have known is that, if you're quick enough, you can catch more than one. Move quickly after catching the first Squishychub to nab some others before they escape.

4 Failing A Potion Does Not Destroy The Ingredients

Other crafting games might punish you for messing up the preparation for a recipe. Not Little Witch in the Woods. If you turn the ladle the wrong way, or apply the wrong heat to your potion, amazingly your ingredients are not destroyed in the process. So do not worry about messing up potions, you have some room to fail and experiment.

3 You Can Mend Your Broom With Branches

You just got your free broom. You are so excited, zipping around the woods like a kid on a new scooter. Then, poof. It's broken. Fret not, this is not the untimely end of your broom. You can mend the durability of your broom in the witch's workshop. Just visit the Broom Management station in the bottom right corner of the workshop to expend branches or stones to increase its durability. You can harvest branches from any interactable tree with branches poking out of it.

2 Stone Only Drops From Certain Boulders

There are a lot of rocks and boulders in Little Witch in the Woods, but the ones you want to look at for are the boulders with a giant crack down their middle. These boulders will sporadically drop stone from them roughly once a day, though a stone dropping is not guaranteed. Harvesting stones from these boulders every day is a good practice to start, especially since you will need tons of stones to upgrade your tools and storage.

1 You Can Expand Your Inventory

Luckily, you are not stuck with eight slots for inventory until the end of your days. While you can expand the storage of your witch's workshop with Diane at the Witches' Catalogue, you can speak with Aurea about buying a bigger bag with more slots. Buying anything from Aurea will require Gold Coins, however, so you might have to grind a few of Aurea's delivery requests before you are able to upgrade.

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